How To Kill Your Blog

how to kill your blog's traffic I’m on fire! I signed up for a new hosting plan, bought a domain name, installed WordPress and configured it in around 3 hours. Now, I didn’t do that just to see how fast I can do it, I did it, because I decided to start a new blog. For those who don’t know I have another blog called IMZ6, which I was building for 2 years and now I decided to start all over.

I just got fed up with all the crap. At one moment I was thinking that I finally got it, I was getting around 300 visitors a day and around 4 subscribers a day, I was steadily building my list and getting some random sales here and there, if I had continued on that growth level, right now I would probably be earning some good money, BUT I’m not, because of the Google algorithm updates.

Google started kicking my blog’s ass. From the first kick my blog’s traffic dropped from 300 visitors a day to 150. It was bad, but not horrible, I was still getting some traffic and occasional leads. I cranked up some more content and started getting 200 visitors a day. If I had knew back then why did my blog’s traffic dropped, maybe I wouldn’t have lost all of it.

Soon enough I got kicked in the butt again and my traffic dropped to 100+- visitors a day. Kicked again and I was getting around 50 visitors a day, I tried many different ways to get the traffic back. After around 3 kicks I actually read an article which thought how to check by which Google algorithm update you were penalized and what to do about it. I tested and realized that it was Google Panda and that I had to check my content.

I went mad and deleted around 200 blog posts, just to get back the traffic from Google and in the end after trial and error, Google did start sending traffic again, but now I was just getting about 50-80 visitors a day and I was kinda satisfied with these numbers, I looked at it as a fresh start with a little bit of a head start. So, I started writing new blog posts again until recently I saw that my traffic dropped again and that’s why I’m here starting a new blog.

I decided to start absolutely fresh, stop trying to fix my past mistakes and just start a new blog. I know why I got kicked in the past and here I wont do the same mistakes. The number one mistake was accepting guest posts. You can’t even imagine how many people these days are just rewriting articles, or just finding a good article on the internet, putting their links in it and sending it to you as a guest post. Thanks to that you get penalized.

On my old blog I was also curating. I’m not sure, if it was good or bad, but just in case I wont do that anymore. I will be posting here only my own unique content and building my traffic bit by bit and the only penalty that I might get could be the Google Penguin which I hope I wont get and everything will be alright.

So, in conclusion, if you want to kill your blog’s traffic accept guest posts from random people and post a lot of duplicate content.

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