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traffic generation just retweet review Have you heard of Just Retweet? It’s kinda new and very powerful system to help share your content. Using it you can get Tweets, Likes and G+’es. From the start it was just Tweets so there’s where the name comes from. The system is pretty basic you share other people’s stuff and get credits then you spend those credits to promote your stuff.

Now the main difference between Just Retweet and other similar sites is that JR is a niche site for only internet marketing related stuff. So, people that share your stuff are interested in your content and people that share your content are likely to have audiences that are interested in your content. So, the traffic that you are getting is very targeted and surprisingly enough, you get a lot of it.

I did this test campaign for one of my blog posts, I shortened the URL so I could track the hits. The set up was like this: I spent 400 credits, 20 for a promotion and put that only people with 500 Twitter followers or more could retweet my message and I also activated the options to receive likes and G+’es.

The results:

Just Retweet Traffic Stats

403 visits, 12 tweets from people who have at least 500 followers, 4 Facebook likes and 4 Google +’es. Pretty neat I should say. I didn’t expect that much traffic myself and I got it all for free. You can easily generate those credits yourself by sharing other people’s stuff. I takes only a couple of minutes to generate enough credits for your own campaign.

You can also buy credits, if you want, but I think they are pretty expensive $10 = 1000 credits. Also you can get the VIP for more exposure and to get Twitter followers.

All in all Just Retweet is a great service to drive traffic to internet marketing related pages, if you are in Empower Network you can add Just Retweet to your traffic generation tricks, because all you need to do to make money with Empower Network is to drive traffic, if you are not yet a member click here to join.

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