procrastination[1]You are sitting in front of your computer, you turn on a quick game to ease the tension, you turn on YouTube and play some music to relax a bit, you jump to your GMail account to check what others are trying to sell you, you turn on Facebook to see what are your friends up to, you lift off your butt from your spinning office chair and go to the kitchen to grab some snacks, but before that you also visit the toilet, you get back to your computer and check out your traffic stats – no good, you turn on your autoresponder to check, maybe you have generate some leads – zero. 

You start thinking that something needs to be done and you know what that something is, but you turn on a quick game to ease the tension, you turn on YouTube and play some music to relax a bit… and the story goes on until again you realize that this is getting you nowhere that you should be working right now instead of distracting yourself with all this nonsense, if you ever want to start making money online and it’s not that you don’t know what to do that’s stopping you from earning $1000, $5000, $10 000 a month.

In fact, if I asked, you would probably list at least 5 ways how you are planning to reach your income goals: start a blog, start a video channel, create a Facebook page, write an ebook and sell it on Amazon, start freelancing and so on. These ways of making money are public secrets and they can make you decent amounts of money and you know it. You have probably went as far as choosing one of these ways and already started working, you already have your blog set up, you already have written 20 blog posts, you have created a YouTube channel and already have 10 videos uploaded, you…

You are already doing something and you are now questioning what to do next and the answer is simple – continue. If you have your 20 blog posts, write 20 more and when you are done with them write 20 more and when you are done with that write 20 more. If you have 10 videos uploaded, create 10 more and upload them and when that’s done do 10 more and 10 more and 10 more.

You know what you need to do, but you are procrastinating. The stuff that you need to do is spinning in your head consistently, but you don’t take action, because the first 20 blog posts that you wrote didn’t get you the results you might have wanted and now you are thinking should I do something differently or just continue?, but until I decide I will do something else and when doing nothing leads you to thinking why am I not reaching my goals you again start looking for solutions and I say to you, the solution is to take action.

I also watched a webinar this weekend from which the biggest take away was to write down all the things you need to do, not just in business, but in all parts of your life and try to do all the tasks before going to sleep, imagine if you finish them all that you will get $1 000 000 and do that everyday. By writing all the stuff down you ease your brain and by completing the tasks you eliminate them completely from your mind and you open your brain for more creative thinking rather than worrying about stuff that needs to be done.

Also in that webinar it was said that by just being ultra productive, not even talking about being innovative, talented or gifted in any way, you can reach a six figure income in this whole internet marketing business. Which is a rather bold claim, I think it’s very true. Don’t expect getting results without doing the work and, if you do the work you will be rewarded.

So, stop procrastinating, write down the stuff that you need to do and do it. Practice this every day and you will see results in no time.

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2 Responses to Stop Procrastinating and Start Making Money

  1. Toshiba Burton says:

    Wow, this article is awesome! You’ve described so many of us to a “T”, running around confused, like a chicken with our heads cut off saying we’re going to do this, that & the other to succeed & make the six figures. But end up doing nothing and wonder why we’re not succeeding but you’ve made us realize it.

    I once heard a big Internet Marketing Guru say write down all the things that need to be done & don’t go to bed until everything on that list is done and I thought he was crazy at the time but what you just said makes a ton of sense, if you do it & look back at it later on you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished!
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    • Liudas says:

      Yeah don’t expect something for nothing :) You need to become productive and you can only do that when you stop procrastinating and taking action, this will lead to achieving your goals :)

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