Why Do People Buy?

holiday-shopping-tips[1]Your as a marketer job is to sell products or services to people that need them. To sell easier, to better communicate to your audience through marketing and of course to easier influence people’s buying decisions you need to learn why people buy. 

Buyer Types

First of all lets talk about different types of buyers, different marketers name different buyer types, I personally categorize buyers like this the quick buyers, who buy at the first time they see the sales page and decide to buy even the halfway through it. These buyers are mostly driven by curiosity, or they have deep trust in the seller and they feel, if they don’t buy they are missing out big time. And the slow buyers who need to research the product, read the whole sales page and usually not only once, they have to consume all the info they can find about the product and make sure it can help them.

Fast Buyers

These are the buyers that are most likely not even going to check out your product. Also these buyers are mostly influenced by long money back guarantees and by discounts or dime sales.

Personally, I think that the majority of people should be the fast buyers in the digital products niche, because of the super easy refund system. You buy it, test it, maybe even go through out the whole product and if you don’t like it your can refund it and have your money back in around 24-48 hours. Well, this isn’t actually true, for some reason people still are hesitant to buy fast, even though they know that they can get a refund, they think that it’s unethical to buy and refund, if you didn’t like the product.

Now sellers also don’t like the people who just buy and refund all the time. The sellers feel used, but in my opinion you just have to put up with it.

All in all fast buyers are the minority, not all of them refund. If you want to get more fast buyers have a dime sale, give discounts and make sure to have a money back guarantee. Treat them as people who are there to test your product and if it’s good they will become a valuable customer of yours.


Slow Buyers

The second type of buyer is the slow buyer. He needs to know all the pros and cons of the product, he has to read every piece of information he can find about the product, he reads through out the whole sales later and he doesn’t like hype. I’m actually a slow buyer, usually I don’t buy anything until I have done my own “background check”.

Slow buyers buy when they believe that they need that product and that the product can help to solve their problem. So, if you want to make a slow buyer buy from you you need to make them believe that your product is the solution and that they need it.

Now how do you do that is the million dollar question. People usually have beliefs about everything and there are also niche specific beliefs. For example the are a lot of negative beliefs in the internet marketing niche like all the hype products are crap, the gurus just want your money, that all the products are just old rehashed information and that no one reveals their true money making strategies etc.

And in order to sell to them you need to show that you understand their concerns and show them that you are different. You need to eliminate their negative beliefs and make them trust you.

This is easier said than done of course, but if you master it, selling will be way much easier. You need to identify the negative beliefs in your niche as many as possible, you can do that by listening to what people are saying, find forums in your niche or look at the reviews on Amazon for books of your niche. Make a list of them and in all your marketing you will need to try to eliminate all of those negative beliefs. For example, if you do email marketing every single email would be concentrated on eliminating a specific belief, talking how’s your product different than the others and building trust.

And eventually you would eliminate some negative beliefs that people might have about your product you would have built trust and the start will come in.

I hope this blog post was useful and you learnt something new.

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