Consume Weeks Worth Of Content In 5 Minutes: 14 Marketing Gold Nuggets

internet marketing gold nuggets Yesterday, whole day I spent reading. The week was busy and I didn’t had time to check my email regularly and through out the whole week I got tons of emails full of content about internet marketing and other stuff. So, the whole day I tried to clean up my inbox, spoiler alert, I didn’t manage to go through all of the emails, there was just too many of them, but I did learn a ton. I read tens of articles, listened to different podcasts and watched a bunch of videos.

I was on fire, consuming all this info, with just some minor brakes to grab a snack or something. And now I want to share the info that I learnt and there’s a ton of stuff. It will be kind of a roundup of the info, I will be sharing just the key points that I learnt. So, lets start.

Solo Ads

I listened to a podcast by Daegan Smith about solo ads. I’m sure you know what a solo ad is, but just to make sure we are on the same page, a solo ad is a full body email ad sent to a list of email subscribers. Daegan Smith is a true expert when it comes to so ads, he has built his own business, mainly using them. So, here’s what I learnt:

#1 Only 20% of solo ads are profitable. Now this is not to bash this type of advertising, but to get you motivated when trying out solo ads, to set your mindset the right way. Don’t expect to get profitable every time you buy a solo, know that you need to test a lot of different solo ad providers to find the profitable lists. So, don’t just buy one solo ad and say that it doesn’t work for my business, test out different solo ad sellers and look for those 20%.

#2 Daegan also talked about how should your ad look like: The subject line should be something that provokes curiosity, that makes people want to open the email when they see it. The body of the email should be the text from your squeeze page. So, when people click and go to your squeeze page and see the same text they will know that they are at the right place.

#3 A good converting squeeze page, shouldn’t have eye grabbing arrows, blinking lights and other stuff to catch attention, the more calm and neutral the squeeze page is the better.

#4 And the last tip is to mail twice a day, to faster get an ROI from solo ads. In the morning sent out a content email and later at the afternoon send a more promotional email.


So, I found this great video of the whole LEGO story, it is a bit lengthy, but it is worth watching. It brought back a lot of nostalgic memories, but that’s not why I’m sharing it, I’m sharing, because it has a lot of entrepreneurial lessons.

#5 Don’t sacrifice quality to reduce cost. Strive to bring the highest quality possible.

#6 Don’t let failures bring you down, giving up is not an option. You fail only when you quit.

#7 Don’t stop innovating, even if you are on the top in your industry. Innovation makes it harder for your competitors to catch up with you.


Another podcast that I listened to was the Social Media Examiner where Michael Stelzner was interviewing Steve Spangler, who is currently running 3 shows on YouTube: Sick Science, The Spangler Effect and Spangler Science TV. There was a lot of info in the podcast, but here’s the main takeaways that I got:

#8 Use your YouTube analytics, you can find some golden info right there. Steve discovered that after 27 seconds, 60% of his audience leaves the video. This means that you need to catch your audience attention right from the start or they will leave. Put the best stuff at the beginning and make your viewers want more.

#9 If you have branding animations at the start of your video, put an annotation so when clicked it would scroll to the content. This way people that already know you don’t need to watch the branding again and again.

#10 Ask an engaging questions at the end of a video. For Steve this worked very well. From an average of 10 comments per video, he managed to get 800 comments the first time he used this strategy.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

I read a ton of stuff on Copyblogger and here are the lessons that I learnt:

#11 How to write killer headlines. Grab a popular magazine or even a news site and check out the headlines, they are designed to grab your attention and pull you in, they are written by pros that know what they are doing and you can easily cash in on their talent. Rewrite those killer headlines, to match you niche. This tactic not only helps to create awesome headlines, but you can also get ideas fro your content.

#12 Don’t put a question in the headline which people answer “no”. Put a question that can’t be answered.

#13 Start using Google+, it recently became the 2nd largest social media network by active users. Also make sure to set up authorship for your blog, because Google announced that it will rank sites higher that have done this. I show how to do that in this video:

#14 Start curate content on your social media channels, if you read a great article, watched a good video or listened to a podcast which was amazing then share it on your social media sites tweet it, like it, link it, +1 it etc. When people see that you share good info they will re share it and when you share your own stuff, it will more likely to get more shares as well.

Even though this is already a huge list, I still left a lot of stuff not mentioned. Yeah, I really did read a lot, if you liked this roundup please share it.

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