A Shocking Thing 68% of Internet Marketers Do in Aweber

email marketing personalization 68% of Aweber users don’t use the First or Last name personalization tags in their emails, though they ask for this info in their squeeze pages. It doesn’t make sense right, why do you ask for something you don’t even use and which in my opinion has little to no marketing value. I don’t really think twice, if I see my name in an email or if I don’t see it, the main thing that I pay attention is who sent me this email and it’s also important what is written in the email.

Why I Don’t Use Personalization?

So, why I don’t use personalization at all? Firstly, because I don’t believe in the value of personalization. Well, marketers say that people are more responsive when they see their names in an email, which might be true, I don’t know, because I haven’t tested, because I don’t have a huge budget to do tests like that, to build two separate lists: in one asking for their first name in the squeeze page and in other not asking and then sending identical emails and seeing which list performs better. Still, even if I did that I’m not that sure that this test would prove anything, because there will be different people on these lists and different people react differently. So, in essence it can’t really be scientifically tested, but lets just assume that personalized emails convert a bit better.

Now think at what cost you are getting the option of personalization? You need to put an extra line in you squeeze page for people to put in their first name, this in turn drops the conversion rate of your squeeze page, because you are asking for people to do more stuff and people are actually lazy and they will just abandon your page or they might do something fun, they will add a fake name like: Micky Mouse and every time you mail something with personalization they will burst off laughing, you don’t want that I think.

Anyways it’s not that much about fake names, but more about the drop in your squeeze page conversion. A low converting squeeze page is costing you money, for example you have a squeeze page that converts at a high 50% and a squeeze page that converts at 40%. You send 1000 click to the first and 1000 to the second. You get 500 and 400 leads and just say that from every 100 leads you make a sale and you are selling $97 product. So, that lower converting squeeze page just robbed you off $100.

Traffic isn’t cheap and you want to send it only to a high converting squeeze page, every percent counts. So, asking just for an email is good, because it increases the conversions and I would better take higher squeeze page conversions than slightly higher email conversions due to personalization. I will better have more leads to sell to and I will find other ways of increasing the email conversions with good copywriting.

What If I Use Facebook To Build My List?

If you are using Facebook to build your list it’s kind of a different story. Firstly,  what do I mean by building a list using Facebook? Aweber and Getresponse probably other autoresponders as well and many different plugins have the option to put a Facebook sign-up button on your squeeze page, when someone clicks that button the info from their Facebook account is being used to sign-up to your list. So, you get the email, First and Last name, geographical data and much much more, it depends on what you ask actually.

The kicker her is that these buttons actually convert very well. So, you don’t need to sacrifice personalization over a higher percentage conversion of your squeeze page. Still, chances are that for one reason or another you can’t use this button for your marketing then I definitely recommend to abandon personalization. In my opinion in the future email marketing will be much more advanced and everyone is going to use Facebook or similar buttons that give a lot of marketing insight and not sacrificing the conversions of the squeeze pages.

So, in conclusion, if you aren’t using personalization then don’t ask for the email, it only hurts you, if you do use it, but you aren’t using the Facebook button then you should think what is more important to you having more leads or having slightly better responsiveness to your emails, if you are using the Facebook button, keep using it.

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