How To Produce Crazy Amounts Of Content Everyday?

how to create content Yesterday, I read a blog post by a cool blogger named Ryan Biddulph, it was actually a guest post that he wrote you can find it here on Famous Bloggers. What he wrote shocked me, but I’m still a bit skeptical about it, I’m still investigating him. Anyways, the part that shocked me was that he said that he writes 19 articles a day. When I read that I was like, well it is possible, but I probably don’t even want to see the articles, if you know what I mean. They are either spun, duplicate or just 200 words articles without no depth of thought. Yeah, I could do 19 of these. But from what he answered in the comments I tend to believe that he is publishing 19 (maybe that’s his record, still more than 10 sounds amazing) articles a day that are unique, readable and around 500 words.

I Checked His Blog(s)

Now just reading a claim that he writes 19 articles a day, is not enough for me I want some proof. So, I searched for blogs of his. On the first one I saw 4 articles published today. OMG 4 readable, lengthy blog posts. Scrolled to the last day and it had 5 more articles. Checked another of his blogs and it had 3 articles. That’s 7 articles already and at this point already, I would find that amazing, but it gets better.

Today, I got back from school in the afternoon and he already had blog posts published on his sites. He does that consistently. As he said in the comments, he runs two blogs of his own and he is also selling some off the articles and he is also writing guest posts, consistently everyday. I find that freaking amazing, I’m sure as hell that he is doing this full time, but still this doesn’t weaken the fact that he writes 19 articles a day.

Time Taken

Also, from the blog posts I found out that he can write a 500 word blog post in 15 minutes. Again this is crazy. I haven’t actually calculated how long do I take to write a single blog post. The time usually varies, because I write different length blog posts and I also take a lot of brakes or get distracted by something, but I think I can write a decent blog post in somewhere around 45 minutes ( I think it’s a major improvement to when I was just getting started).

So, for me to write 19 articles would take 14 hours and 25 minutes and for Ryan it takes around 5 hours. Maybe somehow I could pull this off once, but multiple times in a week, no way. I would run off of stuff to say, well probably in the first day. In comparison to the average american work day of 8 hours, for me it would take two work days to pull this off and for Ryan it takes more on the half work day. Of course here I counted the time as, if you would be glued to the chair and forced to write non stop and we all know this doesn’t work that way.

What Would It Mean For My Business

I actually think this is humanly possible and I think I could even do it too. So, I gave myself permission to dream what would my financial life would look like, if I was able to produce these massive amounts of content, well not even 19, because I’m not working full time, but maybe just 5, but write them everyday consistently. Where would my business be in a month, in two months, in half a year and on 2014 New Years Eve and all I could imagine was huge traffic, massive amounts of leads and sales.

I got motivated, I want to achieve and for that I’m ready to produce. So, I’m going to try and master this. So, that I could produce massive amounts of content and build my blog and ultimately build my business. I want this very much and I’m willing to bang my keyboard for that.


Surely you have seen online podcasts where marketers interview each other and share some golden nuggets. You know it’s a good marketing idea, but have you tried it? Well, I haven’t, but I’m just itching to interview Ryan Biddulph, I’m sure he is a busy guy, writing all this content, but I will try to contact him in the near future to arrange an interview, I just know there’s a ton to learn from him, how he just keeps writing and doesn’t run out of ideas.

Well, I will keep following him on the online world and trying to learn new things, if I find something new and exciting I will definitely share it here on my blog and if I succeed to interview him then you will find it here as well.

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