Who Loves Your Comments?

comments are king Every blogger loves to log-in to his blog’s dashboard and see a bunch of new comments left on his blog while he was sleeping and of course I’m not talking about those spam comments “awesome”, “I will bookmark this”, “I will print it out”, not sure when was the last time someone printed out a blog post, I’m talking about high quality content left by real people who add to the topic of your blog post.

Why Are Comments Good

Yeah, every blogger loves those comments, because they help in the terms of SEO. When you get real comments, they are like extra content for search engines to crawl, they add up to the whole page, the comments also have extra keyword information and all that concludes in higher rankings for your blog post. Also, when someone leaves a comment it is very likely that he will bookmark your page. So, he could see the replies that he got to his comment and probably leave another one and that means returning traffic to your blog, which is another quality indicator for the search engines, if your blog is worth visiting more than once then it is probably good.

So, in conclusion comments are good SEO wise and of course it is a sign that your content is being read and appreciated which motivates you to keep going.

Getting Comments

If you are blogging for some time you probably realized that getting tens or even hundreds of comments, like the big blogs do on every single one of their posts, isn’t that easy. In fact getting even a single comment isn’t easy especially when you are just beginning your career as a super blogger,  but you can get some help to get comments for your blog by using a plugin that really loves comments – CommentLuv.

I think it’s the single most easiest tweak that you can do for your blog to get more comments – install CommentLuv plugin. This plugin makes it beneficial for other people to leave comments on your blog. When someone leaves a comment he can input his blog’s address and get a link to one of his recent blog posts and not just a regular link, but even a very valuable do-follow link. The link is very useful SEO wise, it’s one of the few link building techniques that are left and also by leaving the comment they can get some direct traffic to their site, because the link is being seen by other people.


When you give an incentive for people to comment they will more likely to do it. Another way of getting comments for which you need to have a bit of an audience is to plain old ask for comments at the end of your blog posts. Chances are you are just giving out information where there isn’t really nothing to comment for that you should leave an engaging question at the end of your blog posts. Ask for opinion about the topic you were writing, just be creative and as I said you need to have some traffic coming to your blog for this to work, though it’s a good idea to use it all the time, so when people discover your blog post later they might still decide to engage.

Also you can try different types of incentives. Recently, I saw a blog post which said that he (a blogger) wanted to connect with his audience and gave a shortlist of stuff to do: Give a short introduction, give a link to your blog and social media channels and write your goals for 2013. So, he basically gave a green light to promote your blog on his site and put out all these links. I couldn’t resists this opportunity as well as many others. I’m not saying to copy this idea exactly, but it’s a great one how you can incentivise people to leave comments. Of course you can do traditional incentives to give out a gift card to a random commenter or something.


So, you know that comments are good. They are actually king, because comments are content and content is king. Also I forgot to mention the Google’s Author Rank which hasn’t been yet released, but it will be in the future. People are guessing that the amount of comments on your blog will positively influence you Author Rank. So, another reason for you to try and get as many comments for your blog posts as possible. I gave some tips what to do to get comments so go and implement them now.

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