Blogging vs Vlogging – What Should You Choose?

Blogging vs Vlogging - What Should You Choose? There are two main traffic generation strategies, that are powerful enough to generate thousands upon thousands of visitors and put tons of money into your pockets.

Those two free traffic generation strategies are blogging and vlogging.

Blogging is writing articles and vlogging is creating videos.

Both have their own pros and cons and with both of them you can build huge audiences and make a living out of it.

So, it’s not as much, which method is better, but which one is better for you. 


Blogging is writing articles about a specific topic, it’s like an online diary where you publish your daily, weekly or monthly thoughts about the subject that you choose to write about.

The Pros Of Blogging

The pros of blogging are that you can generate a ton of traffic and you can monetize the traffic very easily, it doesn’t even matter in what niche you are writing.

Also, blogging is good, because you can run a blog for just several dollars a month, but you can also use free blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr etc. Though it’s always better to have your own self-hosted blog.

The Cons Of Blogging

The cons of blogging are that it actually costs a bit, if you don’t use a free blogging platform, you will need to get a domain and hosting.

Next, to drive huge amounts of traffic you will need to learn SEO, it is an essential thing to maximize your traffic, but it is also an advanced thing and you can get burnt by using black hat SEO strategies.

Another con is that it takes some knowledge to set up a good blog, you need to learn about different plugins, choose a good theme etc.

Still, even a newbie can get results blogging, even if he doesn’t know what SEO stands for, he can get traffic, if he blogs consistently and gives out value.

I recommend blogging for those who enjoy writing and even for those who don’t. With time you will start to appreciate the art of blogging.


Vlogging stands for video blogging. You create videos about a specific topic. It is also like an online diary, but in video.

The Pros Of Vlogging

The pros of vlogging are that it’s super easy to start a video channel.

You need very minimal SEO knowledge to drive huge amounts of traffic.

The potential of vlogging is huge, because people are watching more and more videos, but not too many people are creating high quality video content.

Also, it is free to run a vlogging channel on YouTube or Vimeo.

The Cons Of Vlogging

Cons of vlogging are that you need to create videos and that’s a challenge for most of the people, because you need a camera and a video editing software.

Also, you have to be comfortable being in front of the camera, you need to step over your fears of filming.

Another con is that you need to host your videos either on YouTube, Vimeo or somewhere else. Well, the pro here is that you take advantage of their traffic, but your content needs to comply with their rules, if it doesn’t your channel can get shut down. Personally, I have experienced that. For 3 bad videos my whole channel with over 200 videos got shut down. So, be careful.

Traffic from vlogging is also hard to monetize. On YouTube you need become a partner to get revenue from advertising, but the function isn’t available in every country. Still, you can monetize the traffic in most of the niches by having links in your video descriptions to affiliate products, CPA offers or your squeeze pages.

To attract a huge audience you also need to create good videos. Yes, you can get by with mediocre ones, but it’s harder than with mediocre articles when blogging. What I want to say here is, that it’s harder to create a good video than a good blog post.

Also, when vlogging you will need to write scripts for your videos or at least lay down your thoughts. So, if you hate writing it still isn’t a big relief.

All in all I recommend vlogging for those who are confident enough to produce videos and for those who have the necessary tools.

So, which one should you choose?

Well, it depends on your skills. If you like writing then do blogging. If you like speaking then do vlogging. You can even do both, write a blog post and then shoot a video about the same topic and present it in the same blog post. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, if you put in the time and consistently create high quality content you will succeed.

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