Building An Opt-in List: Crafting An Irresistible Offer

email marketing tipsThere are a bunch of ways how you can bribe people to opt-in to your email list.

You can offer people a free gift for opting-in.

You can offer a newsletter.

You can hold a contest.

You can just use plain old curiosity and after people opt-in present them with your paid offer.

You can… well I probably listed all the main ways, but before we go further I want to make sure that you know why it is beneficial to build an email list.

Benefits Of Having An Email List

Benefits Of Having An Email ListFirstly, lets start with some numbers. On AVERAGE an email list subscriber’s lifetime value is around $40. Again these are AVERAGE numbers, they will vary based on your email marketing skills. Nevertheless it’s big money.


Another statistic that you might have heard is that a subscriber is worth $1/month. So, if you have a list of 1000 people you can be earning $1000/month. Now, these numbers aren’t achieved by the average fellow right off the bat, though experienced marketers can be earning 5 times as much or even more.

If you are a total newbie and you would like to play with the math then I suggest using $0,1/month per subscriber or $0,05/month per subscriber. By using these as a metric you will get some pretty realistic numbers $50-$100/month from a list of 1000 subscribers.

Disclaimer: I don’t guarantee that you will make even a single cent building a list, these are just examples based on experience.

Dramatically Increase Your Chances Of Making A Sale

Other benefits besides the big money are that with a list you are capturing traffic.

why you should build a list

For example: You have a blog and you get 50 visitors a day. Lets say on average it takes 5 interactions with you for a person to buy your product. It’s estimated that 90% of visitors that come to your website never come back again. As you can see from the graph this is true for my blog:

So, if you aren’t capturing the traffic that comes to your blog in an email list then you are missing out big time, because without a list your chances of getting a second interaction are very low, not to mention of making a sale. When you have an email list you can constantly communicate with your subscribers.

Also, having an email list is traffic on demand.

Want to promote a blog post you just wrote?

Send an email!

Want to promote a new product launch?

Send an email!

And so on.

There’s nothing better than controlling your own traffic and not having to rely for traffic on someone else.

An email list is your audience which can’t be taken away. Your YouTube account can be shut down and you will lose all your audience, your blog traffic can disappear overnight, if Google makes a new update, but with an email list you are safe as long as you make sure to back it up.

So, these are the reasons why to build a list, not lets talk how to do it.

What’s The Best Way Of Influencing People To Opt-in?

Now you know why you need to build a list, but what’s the best way of influencing people to subscribe? At the beginning of the article I listed some of the ways, but which one you should choose? Lets talk about every each of them individually:

  • Put an opt-in form somewhere and hope that people will subscribe.

    Well, they wont.

    You need to give them a reason to subscribe!

    Though I have seen one blogger who has done this strategy.

    Text over his opt-in form was something like this

    “I don’t have a time to create a free gift for you, but if you would like to know what I’m up to subscribe.”

    And I’m pretty much sure he was getting subscribers, because he is an authority and just knowing what he is up to is valuable, but if you are a newbie this wont work for you. 

  • Offering a free gift for opting-in.

    This is the most common marketing practice. You create a free gift and you give it away for people who opt-in.

    The free gift can basically be anything – ebook, video, a mini course, audio, interview etc. Whatever you can think off, but the gift must be appealing to your audience and ideally it should closely relate to what you are selling.

    For example, if you are selling a course about SEO, you would want to giveaway a free gift about SEO.

  • Offering a free newsletter.

    This is similar to the first strategy. Offering a newsletter is like saying: opt-in and I will send emails to you. Now, this isn’t a very good reason for people to subscribe and the opt-in rate would be low.

    Though in some niches newsletters are very valuable for example the financial niche. So, if you have a good idea for a newsletter then go for it.

  • Holding contests and giving away prizes for opting-in.

    I don’t see a lot of marketers holding contests to build their lists, though this can be a very powerful strategy.

    What you need to keep in mind is to strategically choose the prize. You don’t want to just giveaway an Amazon gift card, because anyone under the sun would opt-in. Choose a niche specific gift.

  • Curiosity.

    You tell them that you will solve a problem that they have, if they will opt-in. When they opt-in you redirect them to a sales page or a presentation that provides the solution to the problem and sells a product.

    You are basically pre-selling the product in your squeeze page, you state what they can learn or what they can expect from it.

    It’s very easy to create these squeeze pages, but it’s best to use this, if you are promoting something consistently, your own product or an evergreen affiliate product.

    If you promote affiliate launches with this strategy, you will have to change your squeeze pages for every product you promote.

    Another problem with this strategy is that you can’t use some advertising ways like JV giveaways and some solo ad sellers will not mail your offer, because you aren’t giving a free gift.

So, these are the main ways to compel people to opt-in to your list. What strategy are you using? Leave your answer in the comments bellow.

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