How To Monetize Your Blog?

How To Monetize Your Blog? You started a blog, you wrote some blog posts and you started getting some traffic to your blog, if you aren’t monetizing that traffic it means that you are wasting money. You should have ways of monetizing your blog’s traffic from day one of launching it, but if you don’t in this blog I will teach you how to do it and what approach of monetization to choose. 

The 2 Approaches

There are two main ways of monetizing a blog. The first one is to put ads on your blog, sell advertising space or just put Google adsense or any other platform that serves advertisements, you let others to advertise on your blog. The money comes in fast, because you don’t have to make sales, you get paid for click which are fairly easy to get.  The other way is to build a list. You put ads all over the place to go to your squeeze page. The money comes in slow, because you need to make sales, if you want to get paid, but the money is far bigger.

Actually, there’s a 3rd way of monetizing your blog – the hybrid method. You put some regular ads, but you also build a list. Still, you focus more on one side.

Sell Advertising Space

This method of monetization is good for those who are just getting started and for those who have blogs in niches where you can’t make big bucks from affiliate marketing. If you decide to monetize your blog like this then I recommend to put a ton of ads on your blog.

  • Have something like Google adsense widget (there are other similars networks, if you can’t get approved to adsense) on the side, also put it in the middle of your content.
  • Put banner ads on the top of your blog and also on the sides and you could possibly sell that space to other people or just find stuff to promote yourself, stuff from Amazon or something.
  • Install infolinks. It’s an ad platform that highlights different keywords in your content and make them advertisements.
  • Also put in the infolinks tag cloud at the top and bottom of your blog.

If you do this then you will have ads scattered pretty much all over your blog, which is what you want to do. Anyone that comes to your blog has to leave it by clicking an ad on your site, so you would get paid. I don’t really recommend this strategy  because you are very reliant to the traffic that you get, if the traffic stops, you stop making money, but if there really isn’t nothing good to promote there in the niche which would pay good commissions then this is a way for you to go with your blog monetization.    

Build A List  

You should build a list whenever it’s possible. Sure, in a niche like gaming having a list isn’t very profitable, because when selling video games on Amazon you aren’t getting paid a lot in commissions, but if you have a huge list you can still make money, but not like in niches of self help, internet marketing etc. where  you can make huge commissions by selling affiliate info products.

So, if you have decided to build a list here’s what to do to make sure the maximum people that come to your site would join your list:

  • Put a banner ad or and optin form on the top left or right side, depends on your blog.
  • Put a banner ad at the bottom of your page that leads to your squeeze page.
  • At the end of your blog posts put a link or an optin form for people to sign up to your list.
  • Create a pop up ad that shows an optin form or a banner ad that leads to your squeeze page. This will get you the most amount of optins.

You have to make sure that every visitor that comes to your site knows that you are building a list. You might think that a pop up ad is too intrusive and will make your readers mad or something, but your job is to make them optin and those who complain you don’t want to have on your list anyways. You will be making all the money in your list, so if a strategy puts more optins in your list, go for it even if it is intrusive.


If you have a news site then you wont be building a list and selling products, but you would build a list to catch your audience and make it come again to your site and you want them to visit your site to click on more ads and you can also have ads in your newsletter.

So, here’s how I would monetize a news blog:

  • I would give the best spots like the top left or right side for the optin form also below every article.
  • In the content I would put lots of ads like infolinks and adsense.
  • And I would use other banner space to promote other stuff too.

This way you are building a list and still monetizing the traffic. Now, if your traffic would stop you could still rely on your list.

The best way of monetizing a blog I think is to go solely on list building, I’m not really a fan of niches where you can’t really earn huge amounts of money from your list. So, with that being said I just want to encourage you to signup to my list.  

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