Think As Big As Sheldon Adelson Or Bigger

Think As Big As Sheldon Adelson Or Bigger I sometimes read the news for inspiration for my blog posts and I don’t usually find that inspiration reading news about marketing, though my blog is about marketing. This time I read a story that Europe is going to have its own Las Vegas called “Euro Vegas”. Investors from USA are planning to build it in Spain near Madrid. They will also base online casinos accepting US players there. Gambling online as a US citizen can be pretty tricky at times. I was in Spain last year and also visited Madrid, Euro Vegas would be another good reason to visit Spain again. Just joking, I’m not into gambling, I better earn my money by creating value.

Anyways the Euro Vegas is planned to be as big as 750 football fields, gosh I can’t even imagine that. It is planned to build this monstrosity in 18 years and create 260 thousand workplaces, which is very good for Spain’s economy, though some critics say that those workplaces are going to be for lower qualification work force and that the biggest unemployment are in the higher qualification sectors. Still, workplaces can’t be bad, no matter how you look at this.


This cool idea appeared in the head of Sheldon Adelson, a 22 billion dollars worth idea, not bad huh. Well, some Spaniards don’t like this idea, because you know gambling isn’t something political correct etc.

Think Big To Succeed

Now, why am I telling you this? To teach you a lesson of course and that lesson is to think big. For a moment imagine that you are Sheldon Adelson and you got this idea and you are now planning everything, looking for ways to make it happen and you are thinking how awesome it will be when it gets finished, a whole city is going to be built around his idea, now I’m not sure is he is going to see Euro Vegas finished, because he’s an old guy, but how empowering it has to be to create something so big that will impact so many people and will be visited by millions of people every year for many years to come. Even I get inspired by this when I think about it, even though I would rather build an Euro Lego land or Disneyland. Still the point is thinking big is inspiring.

When starting a business you have to use the same principle – to think big. What goal is more inspiring and more empowering? Earn $1000 a month online and be able to live comfortably, pay your bills and make the ends meet or build an “Euro Vegas” which will be like a monument for you, your mark in history, a place that will be visited by millions of people and that idea was born in your head. Sure, as hell the second one would kick me out of bed in the morning, all fired up and ready to start working and the first one would empower me to update all the WordPress plugins that day.

Now, of course I’m joking here a bit, but a point is when you think about your goals don’t just think that I want to earn $1000 a month. Think big, create a movement, think how your work will change the lives of other people, how many people’s lives will be better, because of what you do. You are here in this world to create big things and not just live a mediocre life.

So, if you want to make money blogging, don’t set a goal to make those $1000 a month. Think about creating an audience that listens to what you say, building a blog that is useful for people and they get value from it, that changes their lives. Think about getting noticed, building your authority, maybe even becoming a celebrity in your niche. You are invited to speak on stages, to share your knowledge. Imagine the audience clapping and thanking you after you give your speech. And do you think at this level you are going to earn only $1000 a month? Hell no, you will be making $1000 a day and more. And think what that money could do for you. You, would get your dream car or cars, your dream house, you could travel the world, take as many vacations as you want, throw out parties whenever you want, you could donate to charities and make a difference, you could fund ideas that you believe in.

Is that what you want or $1000 a month is good for you? If you don’t have a vision big enough to get you out of bed in the morning even those $1000 a month is going to be a struggle to reach, because it takes time to build a business and if you don’t have ongoing motivation that comes from a bigger goal then you will struggle.

So, what’s your vision? If you are willing to share it, I will be willing to read it, if you leave it in the comments below this post.

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