What Do I Blog About If I Am Just Getting Started?

What Do I Blog About If I Am Just Getting Started?You are a blogger and you are just getting started. You just installed WordPress, chosen a theme and installed all those plugins. Now, what? Well, now you need to start writing blog posts, but what do you write about, if you are just getting started, you aren’t earning any money and you don’t have any special skills, you are a newbie, but you need to blog. So, what do you write about? 

You see all those other bloggers teaching techniques how to make $100 a day with Facebook ads, $50 a day with Fiverr, how to build a 4 figure business with solo ads etc. But you don’t have any income to show and any technique to teach to help others make money. So, you shouldn’t teach about making money, but I’m sure you have other knowledge that you can share.

What To Blog About If You Are Just Getting Started?

Don’t take your knowledge for granted, if you know something it doesn’t mean others do and you shouldn’t write about it. In fact if you would follow that logic no one would ever write about anything, but still stuff gets written every day. So, what you should write about? Write about stuff you know, even if it is as simple as installing a WordPress plugin, changing a theme, inserting an image into your blog post etc. It doesn’t have to be something new that no one has ever heard of, just write your thoughts about the subject and it’s going to be unique.

I’m actually a believer that you should only write about stuff that you know, I don’t really buy in the fake it till you make it mentality, where you research all the advanced topics and it seems that you are at that level and that you are making a lot of money. I think it’s better to be honest and lead the people that are below you and believe me there always will be people like that, if you are willing to put in the time and learn something new every day and share it on your blog.

At first there will be very few topics that you can cover, but if you keep learning every single day. One day about about squeeze pages, next day about Facebook marketing, the other day about driving traffic etc. Eventually you will get better and you will have more stuff to say about more advanced topics. And it doesn’t matter at start that you aren’t earning any money, you don’t have to, if what you are teaching isn’t to make money. Knowing how to do something is enough for you to teach it.

So, if you are now at a bit more advanced level when you are building a list and getting 5 leads a day from blogging and you don’t know what to write about remember that majority of the people out there aren’t even getting a single lead a day and that you can teach this skill, even if it seems like nothing much, when you start to progress even more and say now you are getting 10 leads every day, now that’s more impressive and by teaching that you will attract even a bigger audience and you just keep advancing with your training as you keep growing.

Never devalue what you know, because there are probably thousands and thousands of people that don’t know what you know. So, your job as a blogger is to teach what you know and learn new things and keep improving. Till one day you will start earning a full time income from the internet and then you can teach about it, but for now stick to the simple topics.

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