Strange Writers Block – Can’t Post More Than 1 Blog Post A Day

writers-block-1[1]Today, I want to talk about something which probably isn’t going to be relevant to a lot of people, but maybe, just maybe this is much more common than I think it is. Do you get this weird feeling when writing something for your blog that, if you write it today, tomorrow you wont have nothing to write about? Or you have two topics for blog posts in your head and you write about one, but save the second for another day, even though you could have written about it in the same day, but you don’t do that, because you fear that you wont be able to come up with a blog posts tomorrow. 

Well, this happens for me and it’s probably the number one reason why I’m not writing multiple articles per day. I just think that I wont have nothing to say tomorrow and that scares me. It’s crazy, I know, even though I have around 20 topics for blog posts right now, I still think that writing more than one blog post is a bad idea. Maybe it’s, because of the habit of writing a single blog post a day, I have done this for a long period of time, I don’t know, but I will try to combat this crazy mindset thing and start writing like crazy.

So, this is turning into one of those blog posts about writers block. Here’s how I’m going to try and crush the block of writing just one article a day for my blog.

Spend Time Creating Topics

This weekend, I was going to the village, the ride is pretty long and boring, so I spent it thinking of content ideas, in an hour I thought of 15 blog post ideas for 3 of my blogs, pretty neat huh and now I have more topics than I could possibly write in one day. So, logically I should now write more than one article a day, right? Yeah, but my mind is still afraid.

I was pretty surprised that I thought of that many topics, not even sitting in front of my computer, because that’s the place where most of the topics are born when reading something or just looking back hat I have learnt today or something.

Spend Time Reading

If you want your mind to spit up ideas then you need to put something in, some fuel to burn, to start the turbines rolling. The fuel is books, articles, videos, podcasts etc. Everything that has knowledge about the topic you want to write. I wouldn’t have managed to think off that many topic ideas, if I haven’t been reading articles through out the day and keeping my mind busy with relevant marketing information. You need to read and listen, if you want to know that tomorrow you will think of something interesting to write about.

One Last Tip

If you have some decent amount of knowledge in your field than find some good sites that have content syndicated around your topic and just read the headlines and look does it click for you, do you immediately have something to say about it and maybe you could write an article about it, if yes then start writing and later give a new title to the article. I think this strategy will really help to know deep inside that tomorrow you will have a topic to write about.

So, I shared some tips that I use to overcome my strange writers block, I hope I will beat it once and for all and I will have more of these days when I publish 3 articles in a row. What strategies do you use to overcome writers block? And do you have that weird feeling like me, that you can’t write more than one article a day?

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