Quick Way To Get Related Search Engine Optimized Content Ideas

Quick Way To Get Related Search Engine Optimized Content Ideas Creating content is necessary these days. Create, create, create, but it’s hard to come up with stuff to write about. Especially, if you need to do that quick. Well, it’s your lucky day. Today I’m going to share with you a way how to find ideas for content that are closely related to the topic of your blog, ideas that are already searched by people and ideas that are already search engine optimized. Does that make you excited? It not easy to come up with ideas, but to come up with ideas about what people would like to read is even harder.

So after a chat with my friend from YEAH! Local, I’m revealing this secret here. Well, okay I should stop hyping it, because I risk of not delivering with promises (not a good thing to do). The place where you need to go for this magical inspiration is your Google analytics account. For this to work you have to have it installed for at least a week or more and you also need to be receiving some search engine traffic, if you don’t meet these two criteria then you wont get a lot, if any, content ideas, if so then try to meet those criteria as fast as possible and get back to this blog post.

Once you have logged in to your Google analytics go to Traffic Sources>Search. You will land on a page that looks like that:

article ideas

The main part where you should focus is Keyword. Here you can see a list of different keywords that are being searched and from which you are getting traffic. The list length depends on how much traffic you are getting, in the example you can see that there are only 14 keywords which isn’t a lot. In a more established blog you will see pages upon pages of keywords.

Now lets take a look at them. In this example we have some very good long tail keywords that already sound like article headlines all is left to do is to write them. In the list there are around 5 keywords for which I could easily write articles and those articles would already be search engine optimized for that keyword. Chances are I would rank highly for that keyword, because it had already sent me some traffic. So, bam here you have 5 ideas for related SEO content. Of course there will also be pages of keywords that are very short one or two words, which doesn’t help you a lot, but as I said, if your blog is established you will have pages upon pages of keywords you just need to browse them and look for long tail keywords that can be the headlines of your articles – look for inspiration.

Also, if you are blogging for more than a month set up the date from the launch of your blog till now and you will get tons more keyword, maybe even too much of them to handle. Play with the options a bit and Google analytics will churn out some ideas for you. Hope this was helpful, let me know did it help you in the comments and after that go and start writing your new blog post.

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