How To Know If You Got Panda Penalty?

How To Know If You Got Panda Penalty?Google doesn’t really care about webmasters, it only cares about showing the best websites out there for people searching on Google, which sounds good, but not that much for webmasters. Google has a goal and it is doing everything to achieve it by doing different algorithm updates that sort out the good websites from the bad ones and show them on the search engine results and Google doesn’t care that a certain update can get you out of business etc. You wont even get a message that your site was affected by an update.

Your as a webmaster duty is to find out about all the Google algorithm updates and act accordingly to them, to change your site to be in compliance with the update, if you don’t comply, you don’t get sweet sweet traffic from Google so, you need to comply unless you are risking to loose your business, but it’s hard to be compliant with the ever changing Google algorithm.

How To Know If You Got Panda Penalty?

As I said after an update Google wont send you a warning that your website doesn’t go along our new rules, but there’s a way to indicate it. Go to your Google Analytics>Traffic Sources>All Traffic>Google/organic. Set up a wide date range and look for massive traffic drop downs from which your traffic didn’t come back up to the usual level. It’s an inverse traffic spike. Check the date when it happened and then go to and check what update was made that day, or around that day. Was it Google Panda or Penguin etc. If your blog is new then it might not be possible to know, if you are penalized or not, because you aren’t receiving any decent traffic. So, read on and check have you done anything that was mentioned.

What To Do If You Got Hit By Panda?

Google Panda is all about content, you get penalized, if your content is rewritten, duplicate etc. If it’s unoriginal you can get penalized. So, if you got penalized check out your content:

1. Run a Copyscpae search for all your blog posts and delete all the duplicate content, if you have posted any or you can find out that some other blog has published your article then contact them and ask them to remove it.

2. Check out all your guest posts. Chances are most of them can be rewritten or duplicate, if they are rewritten very well Copyscpae might not detect them as duplicates. So, take parts of the guest posts and paste into Google and look, if there are similar blog posts published elsewhere.

3. Check all the content that wasn’t written by you and try to publish only original content from now on.

What To Do If You Got Hit By Penguin?

Penguin update is all about backlinks. If you found out that you got penalized by it then it means you have spammy backlinks pointing to your website. So, what to do?

1. Try and delete all the spammy backlinks or contact the sites that are linking to you and ask to remove the links.

2. Use the Google disavow tool to disavow the links that you couldn’t get removed.

There are many other Google updates, but these two are the main ones, if you noticed that you might got penalized by a different update which is very unlikely, well maybe just the domain name update, then read what is the update all about and take action on the information.

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