Monetizing Your Blog with Infolinks

Monetizing Your Blog with Infolinks Who doesn’t like Google raise your hand. Who doesn’t like AdSense? I see some hands rising after every question that I give you. Yes, I will confess I don’t like Google to its fullest, I can’t say I hate them, they are a great company that has done a huge impact to the world, but there is stuff that I don’t like about them, but it is also understandable why they work that way. When you are big you have to act in a different way than others do. Still, I think these ramblings are leading me to a totally different topic which I probably discuss next time (takes a note).

Now, if you don’t like Google, because your site isn’t good enough for Google AdSense or you just can’t get accepted and don’t like all the waiting and reviewing of your application then I have a solution for you – Infolinks. In Infolinks your sites get approved in around 24 hours and they almost never say no.

But lets back up a little. Infolinks is an advertising platform just like Google is, but they aren’t the same, in fact they are very different from each other. Now, everybody know about Google AdSense, because it’s the big dog out there, but it also has big dog problems tied to it. So, if for any reason you can’t or don’t want to work with the big dog I recommend Infolinks and not just, because of that, Infolinks also have all kinds of different monetization ways that can make you a lot of money.

Infolinks have 4 types of ad widgets, you can use any or all of them together at the same time on your blog, of course the more of them you use the more money you will make from Infolinks, but you can also use Infolinks only as way to compliment your blogs monetization by adding just a single widget that you feel wouldn’t distract your visitors from the main advertisement of your blog which might be opting to your list or buying your product etc.


This is the main widget, if I can even call it a widget which made Infolinks popular. They got known by this widget in the advertising industry, when they started there was only one widget, if I remember correctly.

InText is probably patented or something, because I haven’t seen no one else having this. InText when installed highlights up to 12 keywords on your website and turns them into ads. When someone hovers over the highlighted keyword a bubble with an ad pops up, if someone click that ad you get paid. InText is a content based advertising so to get your website approved you need to have published at least 10-20 articles. That was the main reason why some of my sites were rejected.

Also the InText ads are easily customized, you can change the colors and feel of the ads.

All in all these ads are highly intrusive and people are very likely to click them, therefore you can earn a lot of money, but if your blogs goal is to get your visitors on your email list then chances are that your traffic will leave your site without opting in thanks to InText.


InSearch when activated shows ads only to those people who come to your site from the search engines. InSearch shows an overlay banner at the bottom of your page which after a few seconds shrinks down just to a headline. It’s a great way to reduce the bounce rate, because if the people come to your site from the search engines and don’t find what they were looking for they are very likely to push the back button, but if you have a relevant ad at the bottom to what the person was searching for it’s very likely that he will click it. Thus reducing your bounce rat and increasing your revenue.

Again, it’s a great widget to make extra money, but for those who are looking for complimentary monetizing methods it might not be a good fit, if you receive the majority of your traffic from search engines.


InTag puts a tag cloud on your page, usually at the bottom of your page or you can put it wherever you like. When you hover over a tag just like in InText an ad bubble pops up. The tags are based on your content so they are very relevent and people are very likely to be interested in the ads.

It’s a great way to make extra money and it can be used as a complimentary monetization method, because you can put it wherever you want on your page, even on the very bottom where only some random wanderers come, who have already scrolled down though all of your main ads.


The last widget is called InFrame. InFrame puts banner ads on the empty sides of your site. It’s very intrusive, in my opinion, but it also makes money. I recommend it for those who are monetizing their sites with only external ads and I don’t recommend it for those who are looking for complimentary monetization ways.

So, as you can see Infolinks has quite a few thing to offer when it comes to monetizing your blog, when all of these widgets are activated, a lot of money can be made. Also, Infolinks isn’t strict and you can get paid to PayPal which is very convenient. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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