What Is The Most Effective Free Gift For Building An Opt-In List?

http://www.topwebber.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/nice-blu-box.jpgMost internet marketers when building a list have some kind of a free gift that they give to people as a stimulus to opt-in. It might be a free video revealing some ninja tactics, or a badass PDF report about a little known traffic strategy, it can also be a podcast, a software, or you can give multiple gifts. Actually there are a lot of gifts that you can think off, but which one is the most effective, which one will bring the biggest percentage of subscribers?

In my opinion there isn’t a right answer to this question. Well, you might prefer getting a video rather than an ebook or you would rather get a software that does a specific task rather than listening about it. It depends on what’s in the free gift, right? Well, and yes and no. You wont opt-in to an email list which is giving a free gift about self-improvement, if what interests you is internet marketing. Still the gift isn’t the key factor why people opt-in. You can have a freaking $5000 value video course about Facebook advertising writing by Mark Zuckerberg himself, but if in your squeeze page you just say “Get your free Facebook advertising video course. Put your email below to get it in your inbox” then the gift isn’t really important, you will still get low subscription rate.

What matters is how talk about your gift and the curiosity that you create. Actually, with a free gift you will only appeal to a certain group of people who need it, but with curiosity you can appeal to much larger audience. The gift is rather irrelevant whether it is a video, a PDF or a software etc. It’s how you introduce it so to say. You don’t even need to have a free gift you can redirect all your opt-ins directly to a sales page. The thing is in your squeeze page you don’t need to talk about a free gift, you need to talk how the thing that they will get by opting in will help to solve their problem. It can be a video, PDF, software or you redirect to sales page which sells a product which will solve their problem.

I prefer doing just that, redirecting them to a sales page that will solve their problem, because creating free gifts is a pain in the ass and most of the people who opt-in wont even consume it, not to say that they wont even download it. So, why waste time, go directly for the sale, if you play it right you will have your squeeze page converting as good as offering a free gift or even better. It’s all in the copy and promising to solve their problem and of course don’t forget curiosity, the less information you give on the squeeze page the more curious people will be, you will attract a bigger audience and more people will opt-in.

Well, some marketers will say that this is bullshit and you must give a free gift, that you need to build trust first and only then start selling. That’s their opinion and I’m sure they would find some compelling arguments for it, but I stick to my thing. Also, I believe that people don’t value stuff for which they don’t pay and in fact I don’t recall any of the free gifts that I may or not got by subscribing to the lists of some internet marketing superstars.

So, worry not about your free gift that you are or aren’t offering, but worry about the copy of your squeeze page. Let me know what you think about this in the comments.

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