Where The Gurus Redirect Their Visitors After They Opt-In?

Where The Gurus Redirect Their Visitors After They Opt-In? Recently, I with my business partner did a test. My business partner read that most of the marketers redirect their traffic after they opt-in to a thank you page/sales page. Either a page that thanks them for opting in, tells all the details how they will get their free gift and has a big button that redirects to a sales page or an edited sales page that has a line that says “your gift will arrive shortly in your email, but while you are waiting check out this page”. What we were doing was just redirecting all the people to a sales page without mentioning how they will get their gift or even thanking them for opting-in.

Well, the message that this converts better was for the people who use just a regular thank you page and starts selling only in their email follow-up and not for people who redirect their traffic directly to a sales page already. Still, we decided to test it out, maybe just maybe redirecting them to a thank you page with a button to a sales page makes them trust us more and increases sales. You can never know something for sure until you test it out.

So, when redirecting our traffic to a sales page we were converting at 1,2% on average. This means from every 100 subscribers we were getting 1 sale. This is without doing any follow-up. Then we changed the page that we redirect our traffic to a thank you page that has all the info telling how they will get their free gift and a big yellow button redirecting to our usual sales page. To test it, we used our usual traffic source ad-swaps. We managed to get around 180 new subscribers, but we didn’t get a single sale.

conversion testingThe conclusion, redirecting your traffic to a thank you page like this converts worse than redirecting directly to a sales page. Now, some of you might argue with me, because our test was at the simplest form possible. To make the results more accurate we should have gotten at least a 1000 new subscribers and then see how it converts, but we don’t have the resources to make such tests. Still, I’m sticking to my opinion that the more steps you put for someone to buy from you the less likely you will get sales.

Now, we haven’t tested another option to thank for opting-in directly on the sales page, because we don’t have this option, because we are only affiliates of the products we sell. Still, if you have the options I recommend to test that out, it might help, though not sure what would be the psychology behind it.

Anyways, if you are using a default thank you page where you just thank for opting-in and tell them how to get their gift, or redirect them directly to the gift then you should change that and start redirecting your traffic to a sales page to earn more money.

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