Easter Advertising Gift From LinkedIn

Easter Advertising Gift From LinkedInBefore Easter Linkedin sent me a coupon to my email. A coupon for $50 of advertising. I wasn’t burning with excitement to try it out, because usually when you use a coupon you are still asked to pay just a little which I was, but I decided to give it a go.

The first thing I realized was that the advertising prices were in euros probably because I live in Europe though we don’t have the euro in Lithuania. So, the $50 were converted to 40 EUR, which I don’t like it, because I count everything in dollars.

So, I created my first ad for my self-improvement business, I was promoting my squeeze page which you can find right here http://www.goalzila.com/freebucketlist/ (feel free to opt-in, if you are interested in self-improvement), the copy of the advertisement was nothing special, just some text that I came up with in 5 minutes.

Then there’s targeting. You can target by countries, professions, gender and I think that’s it. I didn’t choose any specific targeting, because my squeeze page is pretty generic, you are either interested in self-improvement or not. Well, I did target only Europe and North America to possibly get more buyers on my list.

The last step is to choose cost per click CPC or cost per thousand impressions CPM. I chose CPC, because I didn’t have the budget to run tests to make the ad convert well. The suggested bid was 2EUR. Huge simply huge, that’s $2,5 per click. The bid would probably be much lower, if I haven’t chosen the richest countries, but still. It was already clear that I wont be buying advertising from LinkedIn using my own money, but I did have a coupon.

linkedin adsThen there was checkout where I entered the coupon code and still got to pay 4EUR for my advertising account activation, I knew that I had to spend money and then I waited for my ad to get activated. It got approved fast, less than 24 hours. Funny how the ad got approved from the first try and I didn’t even read the advertising guidelines. LinkedIn isn’t strict at all with the advertising, which I really appreciate.

This time when testing a traffic source I was prepared and have tracking in place to count the clicks. According to LinkedIn analytics I got only 20 clicks, but my tracking says I got 28, still paying 40EUR for 28 clicks isn’t profitable for me, far from profitable. So, yeah LinkedIn ads didn’t workout for me.

It should though work for bigger businesses  who can afford to pay $2,5 for a click. Well, actually LinkedIn was created with the big business in mind looking for talent, which I think LinkedIn ads do just fine, because they can target people by specific profession.

So, yeah I did use the coupon, but they didn’t pull me in. What’s your experience with LinkedIn ads, have you received a coupon from them?

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