My Small Content Curation Test

My Small Content Curation Test For the last month or so, I was running a test on my old blog (no longer available), I started curating all the best internet marketing articles that I found.

The method of curation that I used was to find an interesting article and write a short paragraph about it, 100-150 words and at the end put a link to the source.

The process was pretty fast it took probably less than an hour to find 3-4 good articles a day, write up a quick paragraph for every single one of them, find images, come up with headlines, publish them and promote them to my social networks.

The idea for all this process I got from Ryan Deiss and Harlan Kilstein. The main idea is that there’s too much content out there, there are thousands of bloggers who are writing content every single day and everyone are competing for the same traffic.

Well, this made sense so, as I said I started curating and also publishing some guest posts here and there as I always did.

So, I redesigned my site to look more like a news site and began publishing daily for a month and my results are here:


I started on March 25th and the first week there was no effect whatsoever on the traffic, but later on it started rising bit by bit. Still, in a month it didn’t rise very much, most of the extra traffic came from social media because I published new stuff and promoted it there, but there wasn’t more Google love for my curated posts.

Well, maybe the results would be better on a new site because I’m pretty sure that IMZ6 is still penalized by Google Panda. Though I thought if I manage to get some attention and build some readership that it won’t matter, but it is not that easy to do.

The thing is I just wanted to test out the effectiveness of this model and if it’s working well to implement it for my other business. The takeaway after a month is that it isn’t something special and that it probably takes a lot of time and effort to start attracting serious traffic.

All in all, if you have time and you like curating news then it might be a good idea to start a site like that, but I didn’t really enjoy that it is kinda dull so, I’m stopping it and get back to blogging which I enjoy doing, even though Ryan Deiss said that blogging is dead. So, you will see more of my blog posts in the upcoming days and probably videos :).

Also, one interesting thing that happened was that my bundle got staff picked, check it out: My marketing bundle! It was some kind of recognition which made real happy :).

Have you ever thought about creating a curated site or maybe you already have one? I would like to hear from you in the comments below.

Content Curation Explained

Content curation is a form of content marketing, where you don’t create your own content, but you search for the best content out there and share it on your blog.

For example, when you share the best articles you find on Facebook, you are also curating. It’s a common practice on social media, but on blogs, it’s frowned upon because it can get you in trouble if you don’t keep in mind the best practices.

  • Never copy the whole article to you blog. 10 – 15 % is okay.
  • Link back to the source. For example, when you share on Facebook there’s always a link back to the source.
  • Add some value. You need to write something about the article or video you are curating. Let people know why you are sharing it. Again, if you share something on Facebook and don’t say a word why you like it, people will probably ignore it.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be okay. Keep in mind that you can curate anything: videos, slides, images, etc.

There are plenty of sites out there that are using the content curation model, check out and there are many many more, these are just the first ones that come to mind.

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