How To Grow Your List Exponentially With Ad Swaps

Build Email List With Ad Swaps

Build Email List With Ad Swaps

Building a list is actually really difficult especially in the beginning when you are just getting started, you struggle to get even a couple of new subscribers per day, you keep working and working until you get a list of 1000 subscribers which is actually considered small, but it takes a lot of effort to build it. Once you are at this level and you have a pretty responsive list, which is also very important, you can then start growing your list much faster.  

What actually changes when you have a list of 1000 subscribers? In essence nothing, but usually when you have a list nearly this big you can then deliver around 50 clicks to a website you are promoting and then usually you can start doing ad swaps.

Ad swaps are a simple form of list building. You find a person with a list that’s similar in size with yours or similar in performance and you email your list with his offer and he emails his list with your offer.

I could say that ad swapping is the main list building strategy for my self-development business. I think our record so far was 1500 new subscribers in a month or so. In the niche of internet marketing you could build your list even faster, because there’s a lot more people to do swaps with. Also the ad swaps are paying most of our bills, because the new subscribers are buying our OTOs and bringing revenue for us, not to mention the long term value of a subscriber.

So, when you have built a list of around 1000 subscribers start looking for other people with similar lists and contact them with an offer to do ad swaps. You can usually participate in some kind of a community where tons of marketers are looking to do ad swaps. A few places like that are the warrior forum and safe swaps. You can find tons of people out there looking for swaps.

At the beginning it is still going to be pretty slow, if you were able to do an optimistic 50 clicks ad swap then you will be getting from 15 to 30 new subscribers, depends on your conversion rate, which isn’t something very huge, but soon you will start a snowball effect and you can start doing 100 clicks swaps, 200, 300, 500 and so on. Getting more and more subscribers and also earning money along the way.

What You Should Avoid When Doing Ad Swaps?

Well, there can be tons of different approaches on this some marketers do ad swaps only once a month, some once a week, some don’t do them at all and some do them twice a day. I think that multiply times a week is okay, especially in the beginning, because you want to build your list as fast as possible, but you shouldn’t forget to mail something yourself to build a relationship with your list and also that your subscribers wont think that all that you do is ad swaps. You should find a balance for yourself what works best for your list. I think it could be around 3 times a week, if you mail daily.

The Biggest Badass Of Ad Swapping

The biggest badass of ad swapping that I know of is John Cornetta. His marketing model is to get as many subscribers to his list as possible, mail to them as much as possible even up to 5 times a day and sell to them as much as possible until they unsubscribe. He does tons of ad swaps, probably more in a day the an average marketer does in a week and this model is working for him very well. I mentioned him, because I wanted for you to know that there isn’t clear rules how to do this you can mail either 5 ad swaps per day or you can do once a month. Whatever style best fits you.

So, my advice for you is to work your butt off till you have at least 1000 subscribers and start doing those ad swaps. Believe me when you have a huge list countless of money making opportunities appear for you.

Also I want to hear from have you tried ad swaps and what do you think about this marketing strategy? Leave your thoughts in the comment below.

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