How To Easily Fulfill Scarcity In Email Marketing?

How To Easily Fulfill Scarcity In Email Marketing? I think creativity has gotten the better of me. I thought of a cool marketing trick, not sure is anyone doing this already or not, I really hope that no one has come up with this already lol. What I thought of is an email marketing technique created by me.

I will call it fulfilling scarcity.

What it is? Lets begin with a bit of a back story. I got a solo ad order for my self improvement business for 100 clicks. I don’t actually have proper email segments to deliver 100 clicks on average. I only know about the overall performance of my list. So, I decided to mail to my whole list, usually this would mean mega over delivering  but I came up with a twist I made the link in the email I sent out a “pretty link” I will explain about it a bit later, but for now all you need to know is that I can alter at any time where this link is redirecting.

So, I sent out and was waiting until the link got around 150 clicks (a little bit of over delivering  I want to please my customers of course) and then changed the link to redirect to a page which says: “sorry the offer has expired, but don’t worry we have something else for you” and there’s a link to a product there, this way you monetize the rest of the traffic that comes from the mailing for the solo ad, because the solo ad was only 100 clicks there was a lot of traffic coming in.

I also mentioned in the email that this is a limited offer for only 150 people who get there first. This goes deep down in the realms of psychology. Scarcity is a pretty powerful thing and good copywriters use it all the time, but usually marketers just put in fake scarcity like this offer is valid only for 24 hours and you get to the page after a week and it’s still there.

But when you fulfill the scarcity they now know you aren’t bulshiting and when the next time you say something is limited you mean it and they will take action on it fast.

I also had a person writing to us “How it can already be expired, if it was mailed today?” The best thing, in my opinion, to write back is that, the offer was very successful and it got a lot of attention. This further increases the value of the stuff you give away and should increase the engagement with your emails.

This is all legit scarcity, you aren’t fooling anyone or playing tricks. If you brainstrom a bit you can think of multiple ways how to implement this. For example when doing a regular product promotion, you say: this special offer is only available to the eyes of the first 300 people, when you get 300 clicks you change it to an offer expired page which can promote a different offer.

What’s Pretty Link?

Pretty link is a WordPress plugin designed for tracking. It’s a free tool that I highly recommend. With it you can create short links on your domain and redirect them wherever you like, you can change the redirection whenever you like, this allows you to create the fulfilling scarcity effect.

Leave your thoughts and comments below. Do you find this strategy useful? Are you using this in your business? Did you get some new insights?

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