All That You Need To Know About SEO To Build A Successful Blog

All That You Need To Know About SEO To Build A Successful BlogSEO can be really complex, if you try to learn all the ninja tricks to get some increase in rankings. You might succeed in the short term and get some traffic by manipulating Google, but when it finds out that you are doing something “black hat”, you will loose your rankings and might even get penalized and it will be very hard to recover from that.

It’s much better to use the long term SEO strategies, that are very simple and build a lasting business – and a friend who sells Edmonton SEO services described some of his customers’ top performing tactics that he’s used.

Create Quality Content

After the Google Panda there’s no other way, but to create high quality unique engaging content that people want to read, if you do this traffic will come eventually and as you write more and more content you will be getting more and more traffic. It’s simple, there really isn’t a way around it, just provide as much value as possible and you will get traffic from Google.

Social Signals

Make sure that you have social sharing buttons on your blog and make sure that after every blog post you write that you share the link on social media sites also in blogging communities and other sites that allow that, but don’t spam your link around, just share it on your favorite sites and move on to write another blog post.

Follow this SEO strategy and you will receive traffic, sales and you will build a business. Start using shortcuts, ninja tricks and tips and you will get penalized by Google and you will ruin your business. Don’t overcomplicate it, stick to the principles. Check out Expose Yourself USA for marketing & advertising.

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