The Single Most Important Tip I Would Give A Beginner Blogger

The Single Most Important Tip I Would Give A Beginner Blogger When I started my blog I did a lot of things wrong, I actually wasted a lot of my valuable time, because I didn’t knew what I’m doing.

Probably the biggest mistake that I have done was that I didn’t build a list right from the beginning, though I think I found out that I need to build one pretty soon compared to others, but I wasn’t building my list correctly. First I started with a free autoresponder, huge mistake, it had ads all over, couldn’t do single opt-in lists and after some time I shifted to a different autoresponder which cost $7/month, that’s really cheap and the autoresponder had a lot of different problems as well and after some more time I changed to a premium autoresponder – AWeber.

I always thought that whenever I will change to a different autoresponder that I will be able to keep my list or at least get a big part of my list to go and opt-in to my new list, but that really didn’t happen, from those two lists that I have been building I managed to save just a small chunk. Practically all my hard work went to waste and I started from scratch again.

If I had started with AWeber right from the beginning I think that I would have a list at least 10 times bigger than I have now and I would definitely be earning more money.

The reason why you need to build a list, if you don’t know is because around 90% of people that land on your website will never come back, if you wont build a list you would have to keep generating more and more traffic, your income would be dependent on how much traffic you are able to generate and with a list you are building an audience that you can mail whenever you want and drive traffic wherever you want and of course make money.

So, start building a list now and thank me later.

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