5 Tips For A Beginner Blogger

5 Tips For A Beginner Blogger Beginnings are the worst. In blogging I would compare it to being in a desert island writing notes, putting them in bottles and throwing them in the ocean. For days and days you are writing and wondering why no one has responded yet until one day a Googlecopter comes and rescues you from the island. You get back from the wild to the city, where there are people and you start writing about your struggles in the island, how bad it was and suddenly you become a celebrity.

I think this perfectly illustrates how it all happens. Now to make the staying on the island as short as possible I recommend you to:

1 Choose your platform wisely

Actually you don’t have to start in a desert island, there are tons of blogging platforms like blogger, typepad, tumblr, empower network  that have huge audiences and by starting your blog on their platforms you can leverage their massive user base that they have already built.

2 Keep your head turning

The worst enemy of any blogger is the writers block, when you can’t think of anything to write about. To solve this read everyday and write about what you learnt in your blog. Consume all the info you can find until you feel you are ready, then write something.

3 Be committed

Set yourself a schedule for how often will you blog, I recommend daily, but you might have a different plan, whatever it is, STICK TO IT. Of course the more frequent you will blog the faster you will see the results.

4 Keep yourself motivated

I think most of the people out there are full of “how to” information, they already know what to do, but what they lack is motivation. Motivation to keep blogging even if it feels that nothing is happening, even if they are tired, even if you would rather go to sleep right now.

I handle this by consistently reminding myself my goals, how awesome it will be once I will achieve them. I also read and listen to inspirational people. I read quotes. I look at my vision board. All this keeps me going.

You can have your own different ritual as long as it works for you.

5 Get yourself out there

Promote what you do all over the internet, join blogging communities, connect with other bloggers, leave comments, share your blog posts on social media. Whatever you can think off – do it. Get those visitors to your blog before Google finds out about you. Do guest blogging, take whatever deal you can find that could be beneficial for your blog, if you are hyperactive you will succeed fast.

I know this one blogger that writes around 15 articles a day. Guess where he is now? Resting in Thailand, because he worked his butt off. Blogging works you only need to put in the work. Hope these tips will be helpful for you, if you have any questions or comment leave them below.

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