How Often Should You Do Ad Swaps

How Often Should You Do Ad Swaps And ad swap is when two marketers decide to co-operate one emails the offer of the other to their email list. This is a very good strategy to build your list quickly. So, why would you want to limit the amount of ad swaps that you do? Well, the main concern is that by doing too many ad swaps you will burn out your list and your leads will stop opening your emails.

The frequency of ad swaps depends on some things:


If you are in the self-improvement niche you should take every chance to do an ad swap, because it is really hard to get them. In other niches that don’t have a lot of savvy internet marketers it is also hard to find people to do ad swaps, you can even have to educate people about the concept of an ad swap and in internet marketing niche it is totally different, you can find ad swap partners for every single day.

So, the internet marketing niche I would divide into two categories:

Solo Ad Sellers

If your goal is to sell solo ads and do very little of your own marketing then I would recommend for you to do ad swaps every single day, you will have a consistent flow of new leads and sales, you will build your list very fast and you can later on monetize it by selling solo ads and marketing some offers here and there. You will also have a lot of unsubscribes, but don’t forget that you will also have a consistent flow of new leads.

This isn’t really the business model I prefer, but can make a lot of money using it, there isn’t anything wrong with this model, but it might not be appealing to some people.

Audience Builders

If you are trying to build an audience, a following that likes and trusts you and of course buys from you then I would recommend to do ad swaps once every 1 or 2 weeks. Also, look for very serious partners who have a great freebie, also try out that freebie and write your own mails when doing that swap, so that you would be genuinely recommending that product, by doing that you will provide value to your list and build trust.

Also, don’t be afraid to mail several mailings to your list, if the product is really good, just like you would promote a launch, this way it wont seem just a regular ad swap and wont put off people, but of course look for someone that is willing to the same for you.

So, this is my take away about ad sap frequency, if you have any questions leave them in the comments box below.

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