How To Is Not Enough

How To Is Not EnoughYou need motivation to use the information you have to follow through, a goal you set up to blog every day, to shoot a video everyday, to do a podcast everyday, to write an email to your list everyday, you know how to do all that stuff and you know that those are the things that will bring you success, but you just can’t follow through.

Get Committed

You need to commit to your work, commit to create content every day to build your business. There has to be an inner force that drives you to stay committed to get those blog posts written even if you are tired, even if it is a bad day or you are not in the mood, you still need to write them, you have to be that committed and then you will see results.

Get Motivated

Get yourself freakin motivated, set goals for yourself that inspire you, don’t just say I want to make an x amount of money. Money is a really weak motivation, but the things that money can buy like cars, vacations, houses, now that’s motivating. Set up yourself even bigger goals to help people, to make a difference etc. Don’t settle for those weak goals. You are still going to think no matter what, so why don’t think big? And it will also be very motivating.

Also create a vision board, put the pictures of places you want to visit, things you want to buy etc. to motivate you.

Always have a clear goal in mind why are you doing what you are doing and restore it in your mind when it is lost and you aren’t feeling motivated.

So, if you already have a decent amount of how to knowledge then start applying it and stop looking for new ways how to make money online or how to make your marketing perfect to raise all the conversions and stuff, just start doing. There’s a saying that knowledge is power, but actually application is power, because knowing and not doing wont give you anything.

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