Why Would Anyone Want To Buy From You?

Why Would Anyone Want To Buy From You? There are thousand and thousand of bloggers out there and all of them are trying to make money. There’s a huge competition, especially in the internet marketing niche and why would anyone want to buy from you, a person who is just getting started and is just a few steps better than the person that he is trying to sell.

Well, people usually buy, because they trust the person, when they have a relationship with that marketer, when they know that he will deliver on his promises. Now, how can you build that relationship? Like any other relationship it is all built by communicating, you can do audio, write blogs, shoot videos share your knowledge, share your stories and people will start to trust you, they will start to think that they know you and then they will be likely to buy from you.

Also when just getting started you have an advantage, you don’t have a huge audience and you can communicate with them even 1 on 1 and give them exclusive attention, to answer all the questions they might have about the stuff you promote. When you have a big business and lots of customers you just can’t communicate with them 1 on 1, because you just don’t have the time.

Some beginners think that people wont buy from them, because their funnel isn’t perfect, but that’s not true, if you send enough traffic to your funnel it will convert no matter how bad it is, sure if it sucks you will get less sales, but just getting started is better than just sitting and do nothing.

So, keep communicating with your audience, providing them value, helping them, build that trust and relationships and you will start generating sales.

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