How To Do Ad Swaps Without Having An Email List

How To Do Ad Swaps Without Having An Email List Ad swaps is a way to rapidly grow your email list by looking for partners to exchange email ads. You mail your partners offer and your partner mails your offer. So, how can you do an ad swap without having a list of your own? Well, there is actually more than one way how to do that.


The first one and the most obvious is to pay someone to mail for you, this is nothing new and it’s actually called a solo ad. You can find tons of solo ad sellers in the internet marketing niche also some in health and fitness niche and if you get lucky you can find them in self-improvement niche, but mostly it is a thing of the IM niche.

Solo ads are a great way to build your list in the beginning, if you have money to invest, because they are simple and straight forward.


Doing a favor in exchange of a mailing. Find a person with a list of 1000-5000 subscribers and offer him to do a favor, if he mails your offer to his list. You can offer to write a few articles for him, maybe shoot a video, maybe put an ad for him on your blog. Just look at your skill set what you could offer, maybe you have design skills, maybe programming or just ask how you could help him.


Putting your partners offer in your follow up sequence. You can offer, if you are building a list to put his offer in your autoresponders follow up sequence and every single lead that subscribes will see his ad. If your partner mails for you and you get 100 clicks then you keep his offer in your sequence until you deliver the same amount back.

I have also seen one person helping out newbies by mailing out for them, but with one condition, they had to change their OTO to his. So, all the money from sales would go to him and you would build a list, pretty darn good offer, but it would be very hard to find people for this kind of deals.

The hardest thing for the strategies #2 and #3 is to find people that are up for deals like this, because in most cases they are doing you a favor, but if you are willing to put in more work so that it really feels that your are giving him more value than you are getting then you will more likely to strike a deal like this.

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