How You Should Fight Spam On Your Blog

How You Should Fight Spam On Your BlogThere are tons of spam bots and random people spamming on blogs. It doesn’t take long after launching a blog to start receiving spam comments, it’s just a matter of days until the spambots discover your blog.

It doesn’t take long after launching a blog to start receiving spam comments, it’s just a matter of days until the spam bots discover your blog.

It’s inevitable that you will get spam comments, but luckily there’s an easy solution.

Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress

If you are using WordPress and you probably are because more than 50% of bloggers use WordPress, then you must install a plug-in called Akismet, it will take care of 98% of the spam that you receive, but you will still have that occasional spam comment appearing on your blog, just recently I started getting more and more of them.

So, if Akismet doesn’t take care of all your spam, then check out G.A.S.P . It’s a free plugin that adds an extra checkbox that you need to click before leaving a comment. Most spam bots are only smart enough to leave a comment on the regular WordPress comments system so, this should get rid of most of the spam.

False Spam

Akismet can sometimes mark legit comments as spam. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. If you are concerned about it, then try out using only G.A.S.P. Still, my recommendation is to use both of them.

There’s No 100% Protection

As I mentioned before not always bots are leaving spam comments on your blog, but also real people and they will pass most of your protection so, you still need to have a general understanding how a spam comment looks like.

A spam comment doesn’t talk anything about the article you wrote, it just goes along the lines of how cool is your blog post, I will bookmark it and all that crap.

Also, I recently started noticing comments where they go to Wikipedia, find a related article to the blog post and they paste a paragraph from Wikipedia as a comment and they always put in a link at the bottom of the comment. It looks kinda legit from the first glance, but that doesn’t do you any good.

Why You Need To Delete Spam Comments

In case you are wondering why should you delete spam comments.

Spam Comments:

  • Hurt your user experience
  • Can link to spam websites and land you a penguin penalty
  • Can use duplicate content and land you a panda penalty

Even if it’s a compliment to your blog for example “nice blog, bookmarked it” you should still delete it. Focus on growing your blog and you will start generating legitimate comments 🙂

So, whenever you notice a spam comment on your blog – delete it.

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