How To Track Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

How To Track Your Social Media Marketing EffortsMarketers go where the people are and these days the people are on social media. Almost every single marketer out there is trying to get the most out of social media, they try every single marketing strategy that they hear about, but they don’t really know how to measure their progress on social media. Should I track the number of likes or shares, if I’m using Twitter should I be the most concerned about my follower or how many people engage with me, if using Google+ is the number of +1 the most important thing, or connections or comments.

Every single social media site has it’s own metrics that can mislead you. Now, does the number of likes on your fanpage mean anything, does x amount of likes say that you are a successful marketer, or x amount of followers, or +1, or repins etc. No, they don’t, you can have a fanpage with 100 000 likes and wont be earning any money, because likes don’t get you sales – clicks do.

All you need to track on social media is the clicks that you generate for your website, that’s it. It’s the main metric that internet marketers use for years now. If you know how many clicks you generate and you know how well your squeeze page converts and how much money you make on average from a subscriber then you can track the stats back and determine how much is a click worth to you and track how much you are earning from social media.

Suddenly you can put a dollar value to your audience on Facebook, or following on Twitter and you can determine are your efforts paying off or are you just wasting your time there. It’s very important to be tracking this stuff, if you want to grow your business.

What are some ways you can track those clicks? Well, you can use a tracking software like Pretty Link or url shortening services like etc. and track every single link that you share on social media with these services. Another way would be tracking the traffic sources on your landing pages with Google Analytics though it is kinda hard, because Google isn’t very good at tracking social media traffic, because it usually comes from multiple redirects.

If you are sending the traffic to your funnel then you should definitely have a separate list for the leads that you get from social media and then you can also track the sales you make.

Knowing your numbers is very important, so don’t get caught up in the popularity contest, track the stats that matter.

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