My Small Solo Ad Test And 6 Tips For Buying Solos

My Small Solo Ad Test

Last month I decided to build my list using solo ads.

I was putting it off for a long time and finally decided to do it.

I set up my budget of $2000 and started looking for solo ad sellers.

Was looking for the cheapest options and found out that, if you buy bigger packages you usually get huge discounts and at one moment I had almost decided to go all in with one solo ad seller to save money and oh boy I’m glad that I didn’t.

I actually didn’t spend all of my advertising budget, I stopped for now. I spent only $437. I bought solo ads from 3 different people and here are the results:

 6 Tips For Buying Solos

I erased one irrelevant form from the image and circled the most important metric here – the conversion rate.


First Solo Ad

Web form name: (fboptin2) 250 clicks bough from Wayne Dobson for $150. Received 264 unique clicks (according to Pretty Link tracking) or 242 unique clicks (according to AWeber), got 33 subscribers, the conversion rate was 13,6%. Cost per lead: $4.55.

I was actually thinking to go all in with him and spend $2000 without testing, I’m really glad I didn’t. With numbers like these, it would have been a huge waste of money.


Second Solo Ad

Web form name: (fbgeo2solo3) 250 clicks bought from Heimir Finnson for $137. Received 263 unique clicks (Pretty Link) or 251 unique clicks (AWeber), got 87 subscribers, the conversion rate was 34,7%. Cost per lead: $1.57.

These were the results that I was expecting to get from all the solo ad sellers and I’m satisfied with this solo ad. I recommend Heimir Finnson, if you are looking to buy a solo ad. I will probably be buying more from him in the future.


Third Solo Ad

Web form name: (GeoFBoffer) I bought two packages of 250 clicks from Garry L Lewis for $75 each. So, in total 500 clicks for $150. The second package wasn’t yet delivered in full, but the stats are still amazing. Currently received 525 unique clicks (Pretty Link) or 452 unique clicks (AWeber) and still counting, got 244 subscribers, the conversion rate was 54%. Cost per lead: $0.62 and it will be even lower when the all the clicks will be delivered.

This solo ad was so good that I didn’t really wanted to share it. You might think that I got like a special deal, or that I know him or something, but these are his actual rates. Check his solo ad page here:



The all in all stats: 1000 clicks bought, $437 spent, 945 clicks received so far according to AWeber and still one solo ad isn’t finished. 364 subscribers received,  38% conversion rate. Cost per lead: $1,2.

2 OTO sales made, but one refunded. Money made: $5,09, this is the main reason why I stopped, because even though I managed to get subscribers – the funnel doesn’t convert very well. So, I need to improve it before spending any more money.


6 Tips For Buying Solo Ads


#1 Test Small


Always start with the smallest package, or one of the smallest ones 100-250 clicks is fine. When you have tested a solo ad seller and know that he provides quality traffic you can then buy bigger packages to save money.

#2 Test Many Sellers


Don’t just go with one solo ad seller, try out several different ones to find the best deals.

Solo ad sellers that are in this business for a long time have tons of clients and thus their prices are higher.

Try out some less known people, they usually sell clicks at a lower rate than the average market price and maybe you could get a special deal, if you promise to leave a testimonial.

#3 Have A High Converting Squeeze Page


You need to have a high converting squeeze page, but don’t determine is it good or not, from one solo ad, as you see my squeeze page converted from 13% up to 54% depending on the solo ad, but the average is still pretty good 38%.

So, test your squeeze page with more than one solo.

Also, you can ask some sellers before buying, if they think your offer would convert for their list.

#4 Have A High Converting Funnel


You need to have a high converting funnel, ideally you would want the funnel to convert the traffic cost, but at the beginning just aim to cover some of the traffic costs.

Have your free gift and one time offer (OTO) closely related to what you are thinking of promoting in the future.

Also pick a highly converting product. From 364 subscribers I only managed to get 2 conversions and one refunded. My conversion rate being only half a percent, which is very low, considered that I was selling a very cheap product.

I recommend to have a product that costs $20 and cheaper. $7 products do very well.

#5 Don’t Forget To Mail Your New Subscribers


There’s no point of building a list, if you don’t mail it. You need to mail frequently to your new subscribers to earn back the money spent on advertising fast. Twice or once every single day is best. You can also set up a series of follow up messages and put them into your autoresponder.

#6 Don’t Rely On What Other People Say


To find the solo ad sellers, I was using a review site by Rodger Hyatt (which now got taken down) where he had tested all these solo ad sellers and gave all the stats that didn’t match up the numbers I got.

Not saying that everyone is lying out there, but just do your own testing and don’t think, if some guy gets consistent 60% conversion rate buying some solo ad, that you will get the same results.

So, these are the tips for buying solo ads, that will help you save money. If you want to learn more traffic generation strategies then check out my product called Easy Traffic Checklist.

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