What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

What Are The Benefits Of Guest BloggingWhat is guest blogging? It’s when you write an article and publish it on some other blog usually in exchange for a backlink to your site. Now, why would you want to publish your content somewhere else instead of your own blog? 

Branding and credibility

If you manage to get your article on a huge authority site in your niche, for example Forbes then you would get the benefit of branding and credibility. You could then use that in your marketing and mention that you were featured on Forbes and that’s a huge credibility and trust factor, helping you to make sales.

Also you brand yourself as an expert and this can bring tons of different deals, but getting on Forbes isn’t that easy.


The more down to earth benefit of guest blogging is traffic. When you write your article in the authors bio you include a link back to your blog or squeeze page and people after reading your post might make a visit to your site. If the blog where you published your article has a huge audience then you can get a lot of traffic in return and traffic leads to subscribers and subscribers lead to money.

Higher rankings

SEO 101: quality backlinks increase rankings. The link that you put in your article’s bio section pointing to your site can increase the rankings of your site and higher rankings mean more traffic from Google. Now, you actually need to be very careful with backlinks these days, because Google is very strict about them. I would only put a single link back to your site and wouldn’t put any keywords in the anchor text. Also I would publish only on high quality blogs.

So, these are the benefits of guest blogging, if you are looking for sites to guest blog on, go to Google and type your niche + guest blog or something along the lines.

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