Never Forget Who You Are

Never Forget Who You ArePeople love connecting with other people. All the people communicate, but only a few connect. You want to be one of these few people, if you are doing attraction marketing.

Well, first off all lets back off a bit and talk what is attraction marketing. I will give you a simple example. Lets say you are in an MLM program and you want to promote it on Facebook. Using cold approach you would be messaging random people, trying to get to know them, build relationships and the hopefully pitch your opportunity to them.

If you would do the attraction marketing approach then you would be building a Facebook fanpage and sharing stories, articles, videos that give value and people would be attracted to this and they will start to become curious and would message you to find out in what opportunity you are, trying to find out things about you and wanting to learn from you. This way it’s much easier to close your prospects, because you already have a relationship with them and they will that they know you and also they trust you.

So, here goes the headline: Never forget who you are. How can this help you in attraction marketing? People want to connect with other people and not some corporate guy, they want to know the real you, the authentic you and not some fake character and by sharing your life stories, even stuff that you would be willing to forget and never talk about it to anyone, I have seen some marketers sharing their stories about their homelessness, how they were addicted to drugs and all kinds of horrible stuff, but these stories create that bond with your audience, they know you are a real person and they want to do business with you, because they know, like and trust you.

Don’t forget who you are, share it with pride, because that made you who you are now, it made you a better person and your struggles can inspire others to take action.

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