Are Google Hangouts Going To Dominate The Niche of Webinars

Google Hangouts Google released a new product called Google Hangouts, it went in with a bang and everyone even Barack Obama, the president of USA, is using them. All the marketers are jumping on the band wagon and checking them out, trying to learn how to use them, how to profit from them and how to integrate them in their business.

The Future Of GoToWebinar and GVO Conference

I’m actually predicting the end for webinar platforms like GoToWebinar or GVO Conference. Firstly, because of the price. GTW costs from $100 and up to $500 per month. GVO Conference went into this business with the lowest prices and was thinking to beat the competition, I’m not a user of them and according to their site you can use it for free, if you order their hosting, but of course there are fees involved, if you reach a limit of an audience and then you need to pay a little more, but yes it’s a much cheaper option.

And now Google comes in with a free solution, no limitations on the amount of people you can invite, automatic recordings of all your Hangouts, the intuitive Google interface, easy to connect to the Hangouts and again all of this for free.

Can Others Truly Compete With Google Hangouts?

Still GTW and GVOC has their pros and their place in the market. GTW has a big customer base built through out the years and now their challenge will be to keep it. I think that the major pro of GTW is that it integrates with autoresponders and you can build lists of the people who sing-up to your webinar and they also get reminders by email which is another neat thing, but then again would you be willing to sacrifice the option for building a list for $500/mo.?

Well, I think that GTW has neat things for marketers, but they might not be enough compared to Google Hangouts or apple support and they will have to come up with something new, if they want to stay in business and compete.

GVOC is different, it came in with the major selling point being their price point and Google Hangouts wiped their noses here.  Still, GVOC is unique, it can be used as a chat room, a customer service room or a conference room and Google Hangouts doesn’t offer that.

Anyways, I think, if others wont innovate and introduce new features to the market place then soon enough Google is going to monopolize the niche of webinars.

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