Why You Shouldn’t Create A Product Yet?

Why You Shouldn't Create A Product Yet? Creating a product can be a very profitable activity. You can make lots and lots of money just by creating a simple report, putting it on ClickBank and having an army of affiliates promoting it. The benefits of having your own product:

100% of the money

From every sale that you make you keep 100% of the money minus the processing fees and from promoting affiliate products you get on average a 50% commission. That’s a lot more money made from the same effort, if you sell your own product.

Building a list

When you have your own product, you can build a list and not just any list, but a buyers list, which is 10 times more responsive than a usual freebie list.


Have affiliates promoting your product for free and also building your list for you, again your buyers list.

You control it

You can change your funnel, tweak it and improve it until you have a self-liquidating offer, if you decide to promote it on PPC networks and they deny you for some reason you can go and change the sales page to comply with the rules and with affiliate products you can’t do that.

Now even though there are tons of benefits for creating a product I don’t recommend doing it until you have the necessary skills, a following and an idea worth sharing and asking money for.

Creating a product is actually really hard and if you don’t have the technical skills or the budget to hire someone do to it for you, the coding, designs etc. then you will spend a lot of time figuring it all out.

Also, if you don’t have a good enough idea for the product and knowledge to share then you will get lots of refunds.

So, if you are just a beginner I recommend for you to master a free traffic source like social media, blogging, or vlogging, use the traffic to build a list and then monetize the list with affiliate products. There are lots of marketers that started out with affiliate marketing and they have made a lot of money. Only when they have built big lists, learnt marketing and gathered the knowledge they then created their own products.

I recommend to go this route as well. Also, I want to recommend an opportunity which has 2 out of 4 benefits, of having your own product. It pays 100% commissions minus fees and you are building your own list while promoting it. It’s called Empower Network. Click here to sign-up or add me on Skype: liudasbiz for more info.

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