How Often Should You Publish Content On Your Blog

How Often Should You Publish Content On Your BlogThere are different school of thoughts how often you should publish content on your blog. Most of them aim at the bare minimum at which a person producing the content wouldn’t get all stressed up, how is he going to come up with all these ideas for the content. For example, if you needed to create 20 articles a day, you would think I’m mad and you wont be able to stick with it.
So, usually you only hear blog once a day, once a week or even once a month.

Once a day

When you are blogging once a day, you improve fast, you start ranking for tons of different keywords, you start seeing results after time, you start build an audience. Well, you get all the benefits of blogging and you also aren’t stressed up too much, because you only need one blog post a day, which might be a bit of a challenge at first, but as you progress it really is nothing and you start generating good blog post ideas in advance.

Once a week

There are bloggers that blog only once a week and they spend the rest of the week promoting that blog post. Well, you can do that, if you really have that many places to promote it, but blogging only once a week is a good idea when you already have built an audience for your blog and you just want to maintain it. By just blogging weekly you aren’t really growing that much, but if you really enjoy promoting your blog posts more than you like writing them, then it might be a good fit for you.

Once a month

If you write 10 000 word articles and you spend hours upon hours for extensive research then you can blog only once a month and also spend all of that time promoting it. But you wont really be growing that much, because you wont really be building a following, because people will forget about you after a month, though, if you write phenomenal content then you can generate a lot of traffic.

Blogging my way

Push your limits, don’t just make a small little goal of blogging once a day. Blog the whole day, write article after article, even if you are doing this part time you can stretch yourself to create more than one blog post a day. I used to blog only once a day and after writing that one article I would go and start playing games, because I didn’t really know what else could I do for my business, but after coming across the blog of Ryan Biddulph I changed my mindset completely, I kinda have this belief that no one really writes more than one blog post a day, because you can’t have that many ideas all the time, but Ryan writes around 15 blog posts every day.

Once I saw that, my mindset changed and I’m now blogging at this pace where I create content the whole time while sitting in front of computer my best day I did 5 articles and 5 videos, so it’s basically 10 content pieces, but videos are much easier to make.

If you blog this way you will see results instantly, you will see your traffic grow after the first day you produce that many content. Of course I realize there will be days when you wont have the time to blog that much or at all and if you are blogging only part time then you will create less content. Also, if you are getting started you will spend a lot of time researching the topics, looking for ideas and wont produce that many content as well.

But this is the way to blog, if you want fast and big results. Stretch your limits and spend your time in front of the computer productively.

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