Sneaky Email Marketing Trick To Ensure The Deliverability Of Your Emails

Sneaky Email Marketing Trick To Ensure The Deliverability Of Your Emails I read an interesting article on Shoemoney, which introduced an interesting concept. Have you ever seen an email from your friend land in your spam folder? Well, maybe, but very very unlikely. Have you seen emails from a newsletter that you are subscribed landing in the spam folder, you keep getting them emails every single day until you noticed that you aren’t getting them anymore, it’s very likely that this have happened.

So, what makes the difference? The difference is that when you reply to your friend, the email gets added to your address book and that ensures almost 100% deliverability on the future emails, but you don’t reply to newsletters and so they aren’t added in the address books unless the subscriber has done so himself, usually marketers ask their subscribers to white list them, but I doubt that this request is effective.

Now, that you know this how can you use it in email marketing? Well, you need to think of a way that would get your subscribers replying to your emails. Here are some ideas how to do that:

Double opt-in

One of the suggestions in the article was to do double opt-ins, but instead of clicking a link they should reply to the email to confirm their subscription. Unless you get this automated, it really isn’t an option.

Offer a discount

Another one mentioned in the article was to offer a discount, if you have a product, for people that reply. Still, I think only a small percentage would reply, because not everyone is interested in buying right away.

Give another freebie

When building a list you usually give away a freebie, so in the email with the link to the freebie offer them another one related to what you are giving away, if they reply to your email.  This should be very easy to implement.

Answer their questions

After reading the article I added this line to my follow up message: (P.S. Reply to this email with your internet marketing questions and get them answered by me. ) I think this should have a pretty decent reply rate, because people always have questions.

Also, you can add something similar to your broadcasts to ensure that your current subscribers will continue getting your emails.

Well, just turn on your creative thinking and think of something that works for your business.

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