What To Give Away On A Squeeze Page

What To Give Away On A Squeeze PageThe basic way of building an email list is to give away something to compel people to subscribe. It has been done for years this way and I think this strategy isn’t going to get old any time soon. So, what are some good ideas for giveaways ?

Ebook or Report

The simplest gift to create is a report or an ebook. When creating a free gift make sure to share the best info of yours, where you have some extensive knowledge and not just something general. Also, make sure the gift you giveaway is closely related to what you are thinking of promoting to your list in the future. For example, if you talk more about fundamentals, about email marketing and blogging, then don’t giveaway a gift about Facebook marketing, talking here from my own experience lol.

It’s always best to create the free gift yourself to start building that relationship and trust from the very beginning. If you have Microsoft Word, create a short document 3-5 times longer than your usual articles, make it pretty and convert it to a PDF file, put it on your web host and give the link to your new subscribers.


If you aren’t camera shy then I recommend creating a video and giving it away as a gift. Videos are way more powerful for building trust and relationships, people see that you are a real person and they connect with you.


If you are camera shy, but you have a good voice you can create an audio, maybe just take the report and read it. People like to listen to audios, because they can put them on their phones and listen on the go.

Getting Creative

Create a report, shoot a video about it, take out the audio from the video and create a multi format gift. Make it easy for your subscribers to consume it.

If you have a product you can give away a sample from your product, if it’s a info product just give away the first chapter. Well, there are tons of thing you can giveaway you just need to get creative.

Giving Away…

What I like to do is to don’t give away anything, because I would guestimate that around 80% don’t look at your freebie anyway so why bother. So, what I do is to redirect the people to a sales page and I’m pre selling them on the squeeze page like this: Free Presentation Reveals X (If the sales page is a video) Free Report Reveals X (If the sales page is only text)

Now, if you are thinking that what you give away matters a lot to your squeeze page conversion rate then think again. You can actually be giving away crap, but if you have good copywriting you will get subscribers any way. Not saying to give away crap, but to pay attention on the copywriting, because it matters the most.

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