What If You Need Money Now

What If You Need Money NowThere are situations in life when you drastically need money and need it fast. The things that I teach on this blog wont make you money the next day, it takes time and hard work to build your online business until it starts producing a steady income, it is really worth it, but there are those situations in life where you just don’t have the time to spend to build your business, because you need the money now, either to pay the bills, or for an emergency or you just need some money to steady your financial situation.


Well, there is a solution for that – freelancing. A freelancer is  somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. I couldn’t put it better than I found on Wikipedia. So, by freelancing you are doing small jobs or projects for businesses and you get paid after doing that job. It’s kinda like a job, but it’s online.

What kind of freelancing jobs you can find? Programming, design, graphics, HTML etc. If you have a specific skill like that then you should look for jobs for that skill and you can get paid some real good money doing that, but what if you don’t really have any of the skills that would be an advantage, well there are data entry jobs. Those are simple activities that don’t require any specific skill only some computer smarts. You can find jobs like transcribing videos or audios, uploading documents and all kinds of different activities that are easy to do and don’t require a lot of thinking, of course you wont earn that much doing them than you would by doing some more complicated jobs, but if you need the money now then it is a good option.

Some places to look for freelancing jobs are: Freelancer, Odesk, Guru. You can find other sites as well, but these are the 3 main ones that I keep hearing about them all the time.



Also I would like to mention Fiverr as a way to get money quickly, though it’s more complicated, you need to think of a thing you can do for $5 and possibly a more expensive up-sell. You can create some ludicrous deal, where you over deliver like 10 fold and then you would get a lot of sales, you would need to do a lot of work, but if you are creative it can be a good way of getting money quickly.

Selling articles


The last thing I want to suggest is, if you like writing, then write articles and sell them instead of posting them on your blog and building a business. You can earn some decent money for your articles, if you are good at it, but if you aren’t that confident about your writing skills then don’t expect too much, but you can improve fast, if you write consistently, though you can earn money right from the beginning. A place to go to sell your articles is iWriter and you could possible find jobs on freelancing sites.

So, if you are in need choose one of these strategies, get your finances together and then return back to learn how to build a business that produces a steady income and forget about going after the quick money.

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