How To Choose The Best Autoresponder

keys-to-building-a-successful-autoresponder[1]A lot of people do the same mistake in internet marketing when choosing and autoresponder and I was no exception, buying the cheapest solution on the marketplace, which usually is a free autoresponder.

It’s a huge mistake to do, because a list is your precious asset and you don’t want to build it anywhere. Of course you don’t have the money yet, so you go with the cheapest one thinking that you will upgrade to a better autoresponder later when you will have the money and you will somehow magically manage to import all of your existing subscribers into your new autoresponder.

Sadly it doesn’t go that smoothly, I would guesstimate that you are set to lose 70% of your list when changing autoresponders. You might say that I could use both autoresponders at the same time, because if you are already making money from that first list you can continue to market to it and continue earning money and build a list on the other autoresponder.

Well, that’s an option, but the thing is that you change autoresponders for a reason. All the cheap or free autoresponders are usually crappy, the deliverability is low, you have all kinds of limitations or there’s just lacking some common features and there might even be ads there. It’s no pleasure to work with an autoresponder like that. That’s the reason you are changing it and it’s also way harder to make money with those autoresponders, especially, because you are just getting started and you don’t have the experience.

My suggestion is not to concentrate on building a list, if you can’t afford AWeber or GetResponse, these are the two autoresponders that I recommend for you. They are the leaders in the marketplace, they have high deliverability, all the functions needed for marketing, easy to use, supported by all kinds of marketing plugins. Well, again they are the leaders for a reason and if you start with an autoresponder like that you wont need to think about changing it.

So, a question that leaves unanswered is how do I follow up with my audience, if I can’t afford AWeber or GetResponse? Well, there’s actually two ways either go and try to make money to pay for the autoresponder, I mentioned the best ones in a blog post What If You Need Money Now or just do your marketing without building a list yet and monetize the traffic with advertising networks, CPA offers or affiliate offers.

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