How To Rank For Long Tail Keyword Phrases

How To Rank For Long Tail Keyword PhrasesI don’t talk a lot about SEO, because usually all those SEO tactics just backfire getting you into more trouble than the benefit of the strategy. So, I’m not really a big fan of SEO. All the SEO that you need is to create high quality content and everything just takes care of itself, other sites will start linking back to you and you will start ranking for different keywords based on your content.

But if you don’t want to leave everything for chance and have a little bit of control for what keywords you are ranking then I want to share with you a strategy that you can use to rank for long tail keyword phrases. It’s nothing sneaky or complicated, or something that could get you into trouble just a fundamental SEO strategy.

Step 1

Look for a long tail keyword phrase that you want to rank for. Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find them or a tool called Ubersuggest. You want a 3-5 word keyword that’s very specific, that would drive visitors that would be potentially interested in what you are selling and make sure the keyword is getting traffic.

Also do a Google search and look what kind of websites populate the first page, if all of them are authority sites like Wikipedia and your niche specific authority sites then don’t bother.

Step 2

Write a high quality article about the keyword phrase. Use the keyword phrase in the title, in an H2 tag, in the first and last paragraph in context. The keyword may be altered a bit so that it reads well. Also find an image to include and put the keyword as the alt text of it and also in the caption.

Step 3

Promote the blog post on social media and wait for the blog post to get indexed. For low competition keywords this should be enough to rank on the first page of Google. It also depends on the authority of your site, it might be harder to rank with new sites.

So, there you have it a 3 step process to rank for long tail keyword phrases. Actually by just creating quality content consistently you will notice that you are ranking for all kinds of long tail keyword phrases.

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