What You Should Know Before You Start Publishing Guest Posts

What You Should Know Before You Start Publishing Guest PostsGuest posts have helped me to build my business and they were also a reason I lost my business. I was just dipping my toes in internet marketing learning about blogging and I knew that, if I could produce enough content I would start getting a lot of traffic and then I would build a list and the end result would mean money in my bank account.

I was a lazy writer back then and I was looking for ways to game the system, I was very interested in all the software to spin content and did some of that stuff, but later on I learn about guest blogging. It sounded like too good to be true, other people writing content for you, just for a backlink. All you need to do is to publish the content and that’s it. I wasn’t even getting 50 visits a day to my blog when I started looking for guest posts.

The place I went to get guest posts was MyBlogGuest and at first it was hard to get any blog posts, but soon enough I got some success one guest post here and there, my credibility started growing a bit and I started getting a guest post a day. The blog started generating more and more traffic all I was doing was publishing guest posts. At the peak of my success i was publishing 4 guest posts daily. I started generating around 5 leads per day consistently from my blog and probably once a week I made a sale.

I was slacking, just publishing guest posts and spending around half an hour sending offers to guest post on my blog. I was happy with my results and was consistently growing, until something bad happened – Google Panda penalized my blog and my traffic disappeared. I stopped getting leads and of course sales. I was trying to get it fixed, but I think I just made it worse and now a blog that was generating leads and sales is now just generating a few cents from Infolinks every few days.

I got penalized, because the guest blogs were duplicates, rewritten content or some other shit. I deleted probably half of my blog posts to lift the penalty, but managed to get back only a fraction of the traffic.

So, the lessons learnt from this are:

If You Are New You Will Get Crap Guest Posts

Just think about it, what’s the benefit for someone to write on a new blog, they wont get any traffic and the link isn’t that valuable, because you aren’t an authority site. So, 98% of the time you will get only duplicate content offered, because really who would want to spend time to write something, if there isn’t a real benefit for them.

So, don’t even look for guest bloggers until you are getting some decent traffic, because you are just running into the hands of spammers.

Check Every Guest Post

It doesn’t matter who sent you a blog post check, if it’s unique. I have seen a lot of people that seem trustworthy send duplicate content. There are some tools to do this like: Copyscape or a new found one Plagium.

Also make sure you aren’t linking to some spam sites, this rarely happens, but it could and it would also harm your blog.

When You Build It They Will Come

You don’t really need to look for guest bloggers, when you build your blog and make it an authority people will go to you offering their content themselves.  Just make sure you check it, if it’s original or not, because that can get you into trouble.

Hope these tips were helpful and you wont get into trouble with Google when publishing guest posts on your blog. Make sure that your are publishing high quality content and that it’s original, I can’t stress this enough.

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