Spend Some Time To Generate Ideas

Spend Some Time To Generate IdeasTo produce tons of content everyday, I’m talking 3 or more blog posts or videos you need to have your head full of ideas consistently, it has to be boiling with ideas every minute for the next content piece that you will have to create. Generating ideas has to be on top of your head all of the time.

Now, nothing can come out of your head, if nothing is going in. You have to be consistently consuming info: reading books, articles, watching videos, listening to audio and podcasts. All the time scanning for a new idea that could manifest into a new content piece.

If you are doing just one blog post a day then it’s nothing. You read something and you can easily generate an idea, but when you have to generate 5 of these a day and also spend time to create all of them then it gets hard. As I said the first step is to have ideas going into your head, but the next step is also very crucial you need to spend time to get those ideas out. Now, you will get them irregularly, if you just consume a lot of info, but you don’t want to leave it for chance.

What I like to do is to spend some time regularly dedicated for creating ideas for my content. I concentrate on just thinking of the topics and I write them all down to my mobile phone. I manage to get around 10 topics within half an hour or so. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s harder, but I recommend to do this to everyone that has to create a lot of content every day, go away from your computer and just brainstorm. You might be amazed by how many ideas there can be flowing in your head when you start looking for them.

Also searching the web and looking for ideas work. For example reading tweets, searching forums etc. But it is always good to look for topics within that have manifested out of what went into your head.

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