3 Questions About Ad Swaps

3 Questions About Ad SwapsI have seen a huge interest in ad swaps, people want to know how they work etc. and I’m seeing a lot of search queries on my blog asking questions about them, I was thinking to answer all of them in separate posts and go into detail, but I decided to better have them in one place. So, here are the 3 questions that I got and I give my answers to them.

What Is An Ad Swap?  

An ad swap is a cooperation between two marketers that have email lists of similar sizes. The marketers decide on a date of promotion and Marketer A promotes Marketer B to his list. Marketer B promotes Marketer A to his list. This way they are exchanging some of their subscribers with each other, both growing their lists and making money.

Can You Build A Buyers List With Ad Swaps?

Well, there is a theoretical chance of doing that, if you would find a person willing to do ad swaps with their buyers list, but usually marketers value their buyers list a lot, because it produces ten times more income than a regular list the same size and they wouldn’t want to waste it with ad swaps. Still, there’s a chance to find someone who would agree with a deal like that, but it would be very hard.

Actually there is another way that comes to mind, to do regular ad swaps and have your own product as an OTO then whenever someone buys it you add him to your buyers list.

Where To Find Partners For Ad Swaps?

If you are looking for ad swap partners in niches other than the internet marketing, then the best way is to go to Google and search for blogs in your niche that are building lists, you can determine that by looking for an opt-in form on their website, if they have one than contact them and ask, if they would be interested in an ad swap. Also, look for different communities in your niche to find serious people to do ad swaps with.

If you are in internet marketing niche then it is very easy to find ad swap partners. Check out the forums like WarriorForum and others, you will find sections for joint ventures there. Also, probably the best place to go for ad swaps is Safe-Swaps.com it’s a whole community of marketers that are looking to do ad swaps, or sell or buy solo ads. You can find ad swap partners for other niches as well, but the base is internet marketing. It is a paid service, but if you are actively marketing then your profits will easily cover the cost.

If you have any more questions about ad swaps, leave them in the comments below and I will answer them on the spot or in a future blog.

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