My List of WordPress Plugins

My List of WordPress PluginsThe basic WordPress installation comes with all the needed features for a blog, but there are some things that you can customize with plugins and make your blog even more powerful. Now, having too many plugins on your blog can make it slow and inefficient. So, you don’t want to overdo it and have only the necessary plugins installed.

I wanted to share my list of WordPress plugins that I use on this blog, I use a pretty similar combination of plugins on my other blogs as well. I share my list of plugins with the intention that you will find a plugin that you aren’t using, but it would definitely help to enhance your blog to the better.


If I’m not mistaken this plugin is installed with WordPress and you just need to activate it. This plugin helps you fight spam comments and spam trackbacks. There isn’t a lot to say about it, just that you need to have it.

Broken Link Checker

It does just that what the title says, checks your blog for broken links. It helps you maintain a clean blog, without broken links, which is good SEO wise and also for the positive experience of your site visitors. Must have.


This plugin allows people that comment on your blog to put a backlink to their blog below the comment. This helps to drive traffic back to their sites and it gives more engagement on your blog. Personally I’m more likely to leave a comment on a blog that has CommentLuv installed. It isn’t a necessary plugin, but it is beneficial. It has a free and a paid version.

Digg Digg

Probably the best floating share bar plugin that I have found, if you aren’t using any other plugin to put sharing buttons on your blog then I recommend this one.

Google Plus Author Information in Search Result (GPAISR)

This plugin helps you to approve the authorship for your blog, which puts a small image of you next to the search results in Google for your site, which can lead to more traffic from Google. The plugin changes the link on every blog post that would normally go to the author page to Google+ profile page. This is needed to approve authorship. Of course you can get your site approved without this plugin, but it just makes it easier.

Jetpack by

This plugin suite also comes with the basic WordPress installation. It has a ton of useful plugins, you can read the list and activate the plugins that you like. I love their analytic tool, it has all the necessary info on one page for quick look up of your blog stats. I highly recommend installing it, you will definitely find something useful.

Online Backup for WordPress

Again the plugin does what the title says. It creates an online backup of your blog, it’s necessary to have a plugin that does this either this one or a similar one. So, your hard work wont get to waste.


I’m not too sure about this plugin, but it is a new generation pinging service. Recommended by Google, but do your own research before installing it.

Related Posts by Zemanta

Puts a list of related blog posts below your blog posts. Helps to increase engagement on your blog and reduce bounce rate. This plugin is a really neat one with its own analytics. I recommend using this plugin or a similar one.

Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny

Another plugin that puts sharing buttons on your blog. It has buttons for thousands of services. I use it, because all the services can’t fit into the floating bar. Don’t really recommend it, but I use it for my own convenience.

Ultimate Google Analytics

This is for those non tech savvy people. It helps install Google Analytics on your blog, which is a must have tracking tool.

WordPress Popular Posts

Creates a widget of popular posts based on the comments a post gets or by views. It isn’t the best popular post plugin out there so, I don’t recommend it, I will try and look for an alternative in the future.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO or Yoast is a plugin that optimizes your blog for SEO even though WordPress is already highly search engine optimized, but this plugin takes it to a higher level. I recommend it and also to configure it correctly look for a tutorial online, because  you can also do harm to your blog, if you don’t know what you are doing.

WP Super Cache

It helps improve the loading speed of your blog. There are a lot of cache plugins out there I recommend using this one or alternative one.

WP Super Popup

It creates the popup that you have probably seen appeared while reading this post. It isn’t a necessary plugin, but it’s a great way to promote something, either your opt-in form or an affiliate product. I have tested a lot of popup plugins and this one worked the best out of the ones I tested. I recommend this one, if you decide to use a popup on your blog.

So, here’s a full list of my WordPress plugins, hope you found at least one new plugin to install on your blog.

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