How To Know If You Have Been Penalized By Google

How To Know If You Have Been Penalized By GoogleIf you are blogging for quite some time now and following your Google Analytics data then you have probably seen increases and decreases in your organic traffic. Those spikes usually appear after a Google update. If it’s a positive spike it usually gets unnoticed, but if it is a drop in traffic we usually to figure out what happened.

Now, in a recent blog post I talked about a way how you can find out by which Google updates you are penalized, the strategy works and all, but recently I found a tool that probably uses a similar technique to determine whether or not you were effected by some Google updates, but the tool does it all automatically. It is called Fruition.

The tool is very simple to use, you sign-up and give access to your Google Analytics, then the data is analyzed and you get percentages for all the updates indicating whether or not the update affected your site positively, negatively or didn’t impact it at all.

Here are the screens of my two blogs:

google penalty checkerAs you can see lots of negative impact from Panda updates.

Google panda, penguin penalty

Because this blog is new and just recently started generating some traffic there isn’t a lot of data to analyze. I haven’t done any black hat SEO here so, it’s all green.

Once you have all this data you can the go to work, analyze what updates had negative impact on your site, if it’s Panda then you go and fix your content, if it’s Penguin you go and fix the backlinks, if it’s something else you go and figure out what you need to do to lift the penalty. It might not be easy to lift the penalty, but at least you now know what’s the problem and you can take action on it, rather than continue doing what you are doing hoping that the penalty will disappear by itself eventually.

It’s also a good idea to hire someone who has experience with SEO to help you out, because you can lose even more of your traffic, if you don’t know what you are doing, but as I like to say it’s best to don’t do any SEO at all and you wont run into problems like this.

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