Leadership Lessons From A Summer Camp

Leadership Lessons From A Summer Camp The last 4 days I was on a summer camp. Yes, yes I’m a very young entrepreneur. It was a leadership camp, where the best, most active students from the region came to develop leadership skills. So, we kinda had to be leaders around 21 other leaders, which I find kinda funny.

I had lots of fun, it’s cool to hangout with people who have bigger goals in life, that are more empowered, energetic, active, present. There was 4 action packed days with lack of sleep, connected with a lot of new people, which I enjoy very much.

Leaders and Managers


As I said it was a leadership camp so, fun activities were mixed with some education. The thing I learnt was the difference between the two distinctions leader and manager. It sounds like the same thing, but a leader is someone who is always himself and by being him, he attracts followers and a manager is someone who manages people, but he didn’t necessarily attracted them.



In another activity there was a question. Leaders are born or do people become leaders? The majority stood in between, but in my opinion you become a leader by developing your skills and not by having special gifts given to you from your birth. Now, yes you can start a discussion and find arguments for both sides, but why would you want to support an argument that doesn’t help you in any way, why have a belief that you might be lacking some skills to achieve everything you want. It’s better to have a belief that you have everything you need, you just need to develop it. I find that very powerful. Like Mark Hoverson has said “I don’t believe in talent”.

Teamwork and Communicating


There were other activities of teamwork and communicating with teams to fulfill a common goal. Most of them I found silly, but there was one that stood out which was a logic game. 3 teams had, a number of red and blue circles. There was 10 rounds and in each round a team has to choose either red or blue. If all teams choose red everyone loses 100 points. If one red two blues, red gets 100, blue loses 200. If two red one blue. Red wins 150, blue loses 150. If all blue everyone gets 200.

So, the simple strategy is to put red all the time, because either everyone loses or you gain, but no one gets enough reds. Also there was rounds where the points are doubled or squared on these rounds we gathered a group meeting and said to put all blue, but sooner or later you decide to betray the other teams and put red instead of blue. Well, we won, because after doing that we had the most points and enough reds to put for remaining rounds.

At the end we learnt that the goal was for everyone to be in profit, but yeah the competitive side started working for me and I just wanted to be the winner. The lessons? Life isn’t fair and don’t trust others, always be in doubt. Not the best lessons you can get, but it’s just a game and yeah sometimes business can be rough.

So, I had a great time and rested from every day worries which is a necessary thing to do from time to time, also rested from all the technology and from my business. Now, I’m ready to get back to work and I will be posting new content every day again.

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