You Will Never Have The Time

You Will Never Have The TimeIf you are like me then you are thinking about this imaginary time in the future where you will do all the things that you are putting off right now and you are putting lots and lots of things in that imaginary place. The problem with this is that it doesn’t exist. A time when you wont have nothing to do and you wont be tired and you will be wanting to do the activities that you were putting off for later wont come. That just doesn’t happen, the last time I had nothing to do and was full of energy was when I was 5 years old.

So, how to handle the things that you are putting off? Well, if it’s books then think again do you really want to read them, because if it’s a good book you will naturally want to read it, but if you are putting it off then maybe there’s a good reason for that. If it’s something else then you should decide on a time during the day when you will spend 15 minutes or an hour doing the stuff that you have been putting off, because there’s no other way to do it. Now when you will start doing that you will realize that some of the stuff isn’t really worth doing, maybe the book is totally boring, the article that you bookmarked for the great headline is talking about different things than you thought or whatever else you have put off for the future, might not be relevant already.

Another tip when buying books or training or similar things is to ask a question will I use it in the next 24 hours? If the answer is no then you simply don’t need it. Also whenever you are putting off something for the future make sure it really is something you need to do.

I actually have a huge list of bookmarks and I’m waiting for that magical time to watch it all, but it doesn’t come and when you have things that aren’t done it’s like a burden, but when you get rid of all the stuff that’s bothering you, you release your subconscious powers, because your thoughts don’t have nowhere to wonder.

So, do what you need to do now and don’t pile up for the future, make it a habit to shrink your to do list of whatever are the activities.

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